Voyager Tarot


James Wanless, Ph. D.

Published "back in the day" prior to computer graphics programs, the images in the Voyager Tarot were painstakingly created using collage via hand. Photoshop hadn't been invented yet.  This whole deck was created via cut and paste with scissors and glue.  The thought and care that went into every single element of each card is readily apparent to any casual observer of this deck.  As a reader, when I use this deck only certain images on each card will jump out at me and grab my attention.  This tells me those symbols are of particular importance to my client's question or situation so I pay special attention to them while also takingin the meaning behind the rest of the card.  The Voyager Tarot is still sold today in its original form of 4 X 6" laminated cardstock format.  It is difficult to shuffle, but the cards wear very well over years of repetitive use.  The packaging is also very compact and is designed with a small paperback book to be all self-contained. You won't need to buy a tarot box or a pouch to house this deck unless you choose to do so. 

I've been using the Voyager Tarot for just over 10 years now and it never grows boring to me.  I always see something new in the cards. 

These cards tend to be best suited for questions of a spiritual nature regarding past lives (see my Past Life Tarot Reading for which I use the Voyager exclusively).  They are very good regarding questions about who your spirit guides are and if they have messages for you.  I have used them with great success in that regard over the years for myself and clients alike.  The Voyager is also very good at getting to the spiritual root of the matter or the spiritual meaning behind a situation, as well.

Here are some sample images from the deck.  Due to their size this page can be slow to load depending on the speed of your internet connection.  Also, I am only including 3 images from the Majors in order to help this page to not load so slowly on older computer systems.

I wish to thank my friend and colleague, Susan Grayson, who first introduced me to the Voyager Tarot. 


Examples from the Major Arcana


                                                   The Empress                                                                         The Star                                                                    The Sun


Examples from the suit of Wands:


                                            3 of Wands: Healing                                         10 of Wands:  Growth                                                     Woman of Wands 


Examples from the suit of Cups:


                                                             Ace of Cups                                                     3 of Cups                                                               10 of Cups 


Examples from the suit of Swords:


                                                  Ace of Crystals                                                                3 of Crystals                                                  Woman of Crystals


Examples from the suit of Worlds (Pentacles):


                                                   3 of Worlds: Nurturing                               7 of Worlds:  Breakthrough                               10 of Worlds:  Reward