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I was delighted to find my reading this morning!

Again, it was excellent and has given me something positive to think about. I know now that I need to take the "me" time that I used to take. Once this immigration nightmare is over with and I am allowed to move with T., things should slow down!

Your readings for me have always been more of a spiritual counseling session, one I really needed this time.

You've helped more than you know!

Thanks and all the best!   Denise

Denise is a long-time client of mine who has sent many new clients my way over the years.  She has kindly offered to provide you with a reference via e-mail & to answer your questions about my method of Reading.  You may contact Denise at:


Hi Nefer,

Thank you very much for the spell you did for me.

On  Friday he phoned me up and broke up with me... But, a few hours later he
emailed me saying how sorry he was and he was horrible and hated himself for
it, and just wanted us to get back to normal, and now we are, so THANK YOU
VERY MUCH, i know it had something to do with you, and you have made me very
happy :)

I would like a different spell, and when I get more money I will
order, but this time to do with work.

B. in Keighley, West Yorkshire, U. K.

I performed my Lovers Reunite Spell on the same Friday and a few hours before S. called to break up with B.  However, after thinking it over and once the Energy of my Spell had some time to work on S, he called back and now S. and B. are happily reunited!

  I actually cried when I read the information.  I do know that my own fears are holding me back and I am trying to be strong enough to do what I know I need to do.  Your readings have always indicated that the connection between J. and I is strong and I am the one holding it back.  When payday rolls around I will be back to request a more in depth reading.  I know where my heart really is, I just need to be brave enough to get there.  Thank you so very much for the reading.  S., in New York, NY.


I  requested  Nefer  to   do   a   Prosperity  Spell on   behalf  of  my   girlfriend, whose   house  was about  to be   foreclosed   by  the  mortgage lender.   My  girlfriend  and  I  tried  to negotiate  with the  lender  but   they   insisted on  their  demand   to  make    a  large   partial payment  of   the  principal  balance.  However,  a week  after   the  spell  was performed,  the  mortgage  lender   agreed   to   cancel   the foreclosure   and  accept   my   girlfriends  initial offer  to   make   a   smaller   partial  payment towards her  principal  balance.  In  addition,   the excessive  fees  and  interest  were   removed  and the  loan  was extended   for   another   year.    I informed   Nefer   immediately   about  the   good news  and   expressed  my feelings  of   gratitude.  

I will  not  hesitate  to  ask Nefer   again  for help  should   the   need  arise. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.  ~ Ed in California

Dear Nefer,

You are not going to believe this!  I did not file taxes for two years because I owed for a student loan. I paid the student loan off in full about 3or 4 months ago, and then I filed my taxes for the past two years.  Then the IRS wrote me and said my claim needs to audited and I said,"Oh Lord!"  Anyway, after you did that Prosperity Ritual for me something told me to call just to see what was going on with the tax claim.  The guy said "ma'am, we just mailed a $2500.00 check to you."  He said it should come today or Monday. 

I know this is because of the work you have done for me.  I'm still screaming!   You may edit my good news and use if for your business.  I am toooo excited to sit still. Thanks for all you do!

T. Davis in Houston, Texas

Update:  T. Davis' check from the IRS ended up being for over $2,900.00!  In addition, she has received quite a few new orders for her business as well.

Dear Nefer,

The reading you did was so right!  Here I was all paranoid that R. was cheating on me, and it turns out he was spending all  those weird hours away from the house desperately trying to arrange a second honeymoon for us behind my back!  I was totally in the dark, as were the kids!  He even arranged time off with my boss who never said a word to me!  The reading you did told me he was planning a major surprise and that we would have a lot of fun.  R. took me to Hawaii!!  I have always wanted to go.  Your reading said the surprise would be expensive and something I have always wanted.   You were so right!  I hope you post this letter somewhere on your website.  People need to know just how helpful and accurate you are.

Thank you so very, very much for your compassion, your understanding, and most of all for deciding to share your God-given gifts with the world.  You are a true Light Worker and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family.  You are a real Gem, Nefer!  Keep up the good work!

And Many Blessings to YOU because you certainly deserve them!

Clarice in Zion, Illinois


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