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"Hi Nefer.  I really enjoyed my Tea Leaf Reading.  It was lots of fun and very insightful.  I am recommending you and your site to all of my friends. ~ R. K., in Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico.


The ancient practice, tea leaf reading usually involves brewing a cup of loose-leaf tea.  When you are done drinking the tea, the tea cup is inverted over the saucer for a minute while the person concentrates on a particular question or issue.  When the cup is turned over the tea leaves that were once on the base of the cup have moved into new positions.  Sometimes they join together and create Symbols, exactly like the obstacles left behind by burning candles that I interpret for your Enchantment Reports.  The images within the tea cup are then interpreted and that is what constitutes an old-fashioned tea leaf reading.

 Over the years tea leaf readers have developed a body of Symbols that have basic interpretations that are then used by all tea leaf readers.  This was taken into account with the creation of the Tea Leaf Reading Deck.  All of the Symbols appear here and it is a huge deck with 180 cards!  I prepare the deck for each client, just as I do for a Tarot Reading.  Then I lay out the cards and the answer to your question is provided.

 Tea Leaf Reading is much less complex than Tarot Reading, so the readings you get with the Tea Leaf method are simpler, more to the point, and are shorter because there is far less detail involved than in a Tarot Reading.  If you require more detailed information, please visit my Tarot Reading Page

When ordering, please do not use the words "and", "or", or create any compound sentences in your question as that would constitute two separate questions.  This readings are very simple, and therefore, only one topic can be addressed at a time.

When ordering please e-mail me with the following information:

All readings are delivered via e-mail within 48 - 72 hours of ordering.


Single Question/Issue 3-Card Tea Leaf Reading: $9.99    


Single Question/Issue 5-Card Tea Leaf Reading: $14.99     


Single Question/Issue 7- 9 Card Tea Leaf Reading: $24.99     

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