Tarot of Dreams


Ciro Marchetti

(self-published version, 2007)


Ciro Marchetti is a highly acclaimed digital artist.  He has a number of tarot decks published, including The Gilded Tarot and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot.  A creator of highly colorful and deeply symbolic visionary art, Ciro's work is gorgeous.  He's so creative with a computer that his work looks more like paintings than digital art.  The Gilded Tarot is a good deck for beginners while the symbolism in the Legacy of the Divine Tarot is best suited for intermediate & advanced readers due to the multiple layers of meaning and interpretation that each card presents.

I have been using the Tarot of Dreams with my internet clients for the past two years.  This deck receives many compliments for its rich, vibrant colors and gorgeous imagery.  The Tarot of Dreams can address any type of question or issue.

Here are some examples of the cards:


Examples from the Major Arcana:





Examples from the suit of Wands:



Examples from the suit of Cups:



Examples from the suit of Swords:



Examples from the suit of Coins (Pentacles):