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Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D., R. M - T.

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Subject:  Unexpected Windfall Ritual

 Purpose:  To bring to _____a sudden influx of cash and income that shall allow him to pay off all his debt and have a goodly sum of money left over so his financial worries shall come to an end.  Have this money come to _____ through no harm to no one and according to Divine Will.

Date Spell was Performed:  Thursday, June 12, 2009 @ 8:10 PM CST

 Lunar Phase:   New

Materials Used:  3 Yellow Taper candles charged for Speedy Positive Developments resulting in a sudden Inflow of Money, 1 Orange Taper candle charged for Quick Resolution to Financial Problems, and 1 Red Taper candle charged for Immediate Energy to Manifest Needed Cash Surpassing the Amount that you need in your life as quickly as possible.

 I also use appropriate herbs and oils.  Your candles are anointed with the oil and the herbs are sprinkled around the candles on the plate itself.  When the molten wax touches the herbs it releases their own magick to also work on your spell.

 Herbs used:  Patchouli (good for Money & Prosperity), Magnetizing Powder (crushed lodestone: good for attracting wealth or any other positive things into one’s life), Money Powder.

 Oil used:  All candles were first anointed with Money Drawing Oil, then rolled in the herbal mixture before being lit.

 Note:  Due to your dire circumstances my Guides told me to do the Ritual for you, not the Spell.  The Ritual requires more candles and herbs, but I do this at no extra cost to you.  Whenever my Guides move me to do something different in Spell Work I must comply because this is the Will of Deity speaking through them to me.


Observations of Candle and Interpretations: 

 These are notes that I made while your candles were actually burning.  They include any observations and psychic impressions about your situation I may have received while your candles were lit.  All candles are allowed to burn completely out once lit.  For spells that call for the use of more than one candle, all candles are the same size and should burn down all at the same time. However, due to how magickal energy works, some candles burn faster or slower than others and some may leave more residual wax at the end than other candles.  All of these variances are noted below for your report.

 Sometimes, what I call an “obstacle” is forming on the wick.  “Obstacles” in reality are small blobs of carbon that sometimes form on the top of my wicks as the candle burns.  This is the charcoal remains of the thread used to make the wicks.  However, in magick, when these forms I call them “obstacles” because they always signify that something or someone is attempting to interfere with the magick I am doing on behalf of myself or a client.  When obstacles form on the tip of a wick, one of two things happens.  Either the flame burns through the obstacle and totally consumes it (which then means that the magick overcame that obstacle) or it falls off the wick into the wax, meaning this spell was not sufficient to get rid of this problem for you.  Obstacles that are noted as having fallen into the wax will be interpreted, if possible, in the section entitled, “Interpretations of Residual Wax,” which follows my observations of how the candle(s) burned.

 Your candles will be allowed to burn out completely on their own.  For the remainder of this section I shall make observations only as the behavior of the candles changes.  If there are few changes, there will be few observations.  If there are many changes, then you will have a lot of observations to read through in this section of your report.


8:47 PM :  All candles are lit at the conclusion of your Spell. 

 Flames burn either straight up and down without any movement, which I call “strong and steady”, or they flicker side to side or in a circular motion.  In the latter case I refer to the flames as “dancing.”  Strong and steady flames mean the Energy is well directed toward my client and that it is reaching you and your situation.  Dancing flames usually will occur later on as your candles have been burning for sometime.  Dancing flames indicate an increase in the Energy levels of the Spell, meaning more Energy is being directed toward you at that time of the Spell while the flame(s) is/are dancing.

 Currently, your candles are burning in the following fashion:

 All candles were lit at the conclusion of your Ritual.  They are doing very well.  The flames are consistent in character, meaning the candle flames of all candles look basically the same in size, shape, and color.  The flames are burning strong and steady.   Candles 1, 2, and 4 have 1 ¼” flames.  Candles 3 and 5 have 1” flames that very few seconds spike to 1 ¼” high.  This is a very good start to your Ritual.

  8:59 PM :  Suddenly, all 5 candles are burning with strong and steady 2” high flames.  Each flame is orange with a brown base and center.  Orange flames represent higher levels of magickal Energy at work at this time, plus the higher flames also indicate that.  The brown centers represent issues revolving around the home and family.

  9:03 PM :  The Anchor Candle, what I call the first candle lit, is given extra Energy so it acts as an Energetic Amplifier for the other candles.  Sometimes it will burn with a higher flame than the others as it begins to send them more Energy if the overall Energy of the Ritual encounters a problem or a blockage.  Currently, the Anchor Candle is burning with a 2 ½” flame.  All other candles are burning with a 1 ½” flame.  So some problem has been encountered and the Energy of the Ritual is attempting to deal with it at this moment.

  9:05 PM :  The Energy of the Anchor Candle has been successful dispersed toward the other 4 candles.  The Anchor Candle now burns with a ¼” high flame.  All other candles are now burning with 2” flames.  So whatever this problem was that the Energy of the Ritual encountered, it has been successfully taken care of on your behalf.

  9:09 PM :  The Anchor Candle’s flame has increased in size suddenly to 1 ¼”.  Candles 2, 3 and 5 are now burning with 2” high flames that are spiking, meaning they are jumping straight up and down and appear to be punching the air above them.  When I see such behavior I interpret it to mean the Energy of the Ritual is fighting off obstacles and blocks for you.  Candle # 4 is burning with a ½” flame.

  9:12 PM :  All candles have 2” strong and steady flames.

  9:39 PM :  Candle # 4 just went out and Candle # 3 is very close to going out.  All candles have been burning consistently with 2” flames since 9:12 PM .  Higher flames mean the candles burn through their wax a lot faster.  It also means that the faster the magick can work to manifest your wishes, so high flames are always a good sign.

 Currently, The Anchor Candle has a 1 ¼” flame.  Candle # 2 has a 1 ½” flame and Candle # 5 has a 2” flame.  Candle # 3 has a ½” flame due to having next to no wax to fuel the wick as it is about to go out.

  9:42 PM : Suddenly, the herbs on Candle # 2 have caught on fire.  It’s flame is now 4” high and it is burning through all of its wax.  It may go out before Candle # 3 does.  Candle # 5 is now burning with a 1” flame.  The Anchor Candle is maintaining its 1 ¼” high flame.  All flames are still strong and steady.

  9:43 PM :  Quite bizarre!  Somehow, Candle # 4 has re-ignited itself!  It has a very tiny flame, but it is burning.  Candle # 2 has a 4 ½” flame now and is causing wax to melt all over the plate.  Candle # 3 has a mere speck of a flame as it is about to go out.  Candle # 1 – the Anchor Candle – it’s flame has reduced to ½” in height.  Candle # 5 maintains its 1” flame.

  9:46 PM :  With a sudden burst of its flame, Candle 2 is now out.  All other candles are burning the same as at 9:43 PM .

  9:57 PM :  The flames are still going, but are now burning in a sea of molten wax since all the candles have completely melted down.  Some of the herbs on the plate have caught on fire so the wax is also fueling them.  Currently you have 5 flames burning, 3 from candles, 2 from herbs.

  9:58 PM : Candle # 5 just went out.

 There are now 4 flames from herbs, 2 from candles.

  10:04 PM :  It has just begun to rain.  Whenever it rains during a Spell or Ritual it is a very lucky sign that soon blessings shall be raining down upon you!!!!!  Your candles are still burning on next to no wax at all due to the high flames from the herbs in the center of the plate that are using all the molten wax to fuel their flames.  Yet, Candles # 1 and 3 still burn.

  10:21 PM : Candle # 3 just went out.

  10:45 PM :  Candle # 1 just went out.  All candles are now out. You still have 3 pieces of herbs burning, but as far as the candles are concerned your Ritual is now concluded.

 NOTE:  Your candles went out in a clockwise circle around the Pentagram formation in which they were arranged.  This is the direction of Manifesting magick when casting a sacred circle.  When candles go out in a clockwise direction it means the Spell or Ritual is a success.

 Various fragments of herbs continued to burn on the plate for you for another 90 minutes before they finally all went out.  This means that all that time extra Energy was being sent to you.



Interpretation of Residual Wax & Obstacles:

 What I am examining are any wax drippings remaining and how the burned up herbs now look on the plate to see if anything forms any symbols that I can discern and then interpret for you.

 First of all, there isn’t very much wax remaining even though your candles did drip quite a bit while burning.  That is because when the herbs caught on fire they used the molten wax already on the plate to fuel themselves, so the herbs acted just like candle wicks.  They ate up most of the remaining wax. 

 I can only see wax remains from Candle # 1 – the Anchor Candle, Candle # 4 (the orange candle) and candle # 5 (the red candle).  The other two yellow candles (# 2 and 3) left no wax whatsoever, due to burning herbs.  The wax itself does not form any type of shapes or symbols that I can see.

 As for the herbal remains, first of all what I find fascinating is that when herbs catch on fire during a Ritual they release their scent at that time.  Once the flames have all gone out and the herbs sit on the plate overnight as they have in your case, they really start to smell quite bad.  This goes for all herbs, no exceptions.  However, in your case the herbs on your plate smell nice!!!!!  And I have used these same herbs before in this same combination for other Prosperity Rituals and they always smell badly afterwards.  So I take this good smell as a positive sign that this Ritual is already working to put into place certain things, situations, opportunities, and people so that you will receive the money that you need, and hopefully this will occur in a very timely fashion!

 For symbols in the herbs, what is interesting is that quite a few of them ended up on the right side of the plate.  For an Unexpected Windfall Ritual I use 5 taper candles (for the Spell that you actually ordered I use 2 votive candles, so the Ritual is the stronger of the two).  I arrange the candles in a pentagram formation.  Well, the majority of herbs shifted in the melting wax toward the right side of the plate and they have formed a nearly perfect smaller pentagram within the larger one that was formed by the placement of the candles!  The Pentagram is a very powerful symbol of Protection.  It also represents Earth Elemental Energy that governs Prosperity, the Home, and Physical Well Being.  So this secondary Pentagram is another very positive sign.   It is telling me that the strength of this Unexpected Windfall Ritual was literally doubled for you.

 As for particular symbols, this is what I am able to see and interpret for you:

Walking Figure:  This figure is bent over and there is a parcel on their back.  This represents you being weighed down by your responsibilities and worries regarding your financial situation.  This figure faces the left, which is the Past, meaning problems arose in the past that were not adequately addressed and these are what are causing your current situation.

 Flowers:  You have 3 flowers in various places on the plate.  Flowers represent wishes coming to fruition, better times ahead, and also healing from past issues.  So these are all positive signs.  They can also be timing indicators, so 3 flowers would mean in 3 days, 3 weeks, or at the outside – 3 months, things will be greatly improved for you.

 Squirrel:  This animal is standing up on its hind legs, which a squirrel can do in order to see over the grass to discover if any predators are nearby.  This gives the squirrel a distinct advantage over other members of the Rodent family.  The Squirrel serves as both advice and warning.  The Advice is to stockpile what little resources you have for use in leaner times.  When things get back in order be sure to start a fund to which you save money in case of leaner times.  A squirrel does this by collecting nuts and keeping them in his nest to eat during lean times.  The Warning is to be careful, take a good look around.  Someone near you may be out to cheat you or may be the cause of your financial problems, therefore they are not to be trusted with your money.  Be very careful of signing anything, and if you have ANY doubt about it, then by all means get a second opinion before you sign anything that causes money to change hands.

 A Bull’s Head:  The sign of Taurus, this indicates that you can be quite stubborn when you want to be.  When I see a Bull’s Head it usually means that others may have offered my client advice in the past that they chose not to listen to, or that my client currently needs to consult with an expert in the field to obtain advice on what can be done regarding their situation.  I suggest you find a financial counselor, if possible.  Also, there are many firms available today that help people to consolidate debt so you end up paying less interest over time.  Just be careful. Many such firms include hidden costs that end up helping them to make a bit of money off you of.  Again, read over everything carefully and always ask questions if something is not crystal clear to you.



My Prognosis & Suggestions for Future Work:

 These are merely suggestions of possible future work that may need to be done regarding your situation.  All suggestions are based solely on how your candles performed during the actual spell, any interpretations of residual wax once the spell was completed, and any psychic impressions I may have received during the performance of your spell or while compiling your spell report.  In no way am I suggesting that you MUST comply with these suggestions.  I leave that up to my clients to decide.

 None at this time.  This Unexpected Windfall Ritual is done in tandem with a 7-Day Power Ritual for Chakra and Auric Cleansing, so we’ll give it a lunar cycle and see if the Energy of these two Rituals have helped to manifest positive changes in your life.  If not, you may want to hire me to do additional Spell Work for you.


 Prayers or Things You Can Do to Help the Spell Work for You:


Based upon your situation, this section may contain ideas of things you can do on your own to magnify the energy of the spell.  These suggestions can range anywhere from performing personal or home spiritual cleansings, lighting candles on your own, the use of herbal baths or sachets, or mini-spells that you can do on your own.  If anything is suggested here, rest assured that I include complete instructions.  If you have any questions about something I suggest in my Spell Reports, please feel free to e-mail me.

 There are several suggestions that appear below all geared to helping you develop your creativity and to foster its growth.  It’s up to you as the client to follow through with my suggestions.  As you do, your actions invest your own Energy into the Spell Work I have already done on your behalf, thus adding strength to the Energy that’s already floating around in the Universe for you.  Therefore, following through with my suggestions increases the chances of success of your Spell Work.



Here is a basic Chant that I wrote in order to bring Prosperity to you.  You can say it alone or incorporate it into the simple Spell that follows.

 “Prosperity, Prosperity,

Come to me!

Fill my pockets most happily,

With coins of gold & bills of green,

And as my will, so mote it be!”

 You can say this 3 times when you wake up before getting out of bed, 3 more times sometime during the day, and 3 more times before going to sleep at night.  I suggest you say it every day of the waxing cycle.  Do not say it during the waning cycle or you may end up pushing your prosperity away from you.

 Here’s a little, simple Prosperity ritual you can do using this chant:

 Materials:  2 green candles, any size, shape, appropriate holders for each candle, patchouli or cinnamon-scented incense or any incense called “Money” or “Prosperity”.  You could even use Frankincense & Myrrh incense, too.  You’ll also need olive oil and ground cinnamon, 1 paper plate.

 Timing:  Best when done during the New Moon to Full Moon. 

 Day of Week:  Thursday or Sunday.

 Cleanse your candles by rubbing them from the middle out to the ends, including the wick.  Do this repeatedly until they feel “better” to you.  If you own a pendulum you can test their energy by first holding the pendulum over them before you cleanse them. The pendulum will start to swing in a “no” direction, either left to right, or counterclockwise.  This tells you the energy is negative.  After you cleanse them, hold the pendulum over them again & you will get a “yes”, either moving front to back or clockwise, telling you the energy has been cleansed.

 To empower your candles, focus on the thought of getting a good job or money coming to you, visualize yourself playing in a pile of thousand dollar bills, whatever.  Then rub each green candle from the ends into the middle.  You are placing your magickal intent into the candle. 

 Next, sprinkle a liberal amount of GROUND cinnamon onto the paper plate.  Then, rub some olive oil on each candle and gently roll them through the ground cinnamon.  The oil will make the cinnamon adhere to the candle.  Once you are finished, place both candles in their holders.

 Light the incense.  Walk through your home with the incense lit being sure its smoke goes everywhere.  Return to where the candles are & place the remaining incense in the holder, if you don’t have an incense holder you can stick it in a plant.  If using cones, place cone on a heatproof plate or in a coffee cup.

 Rub your palms briskly together until you feel a tingling sensation, then hold your hands palms downward over the candles & say the above Prosperity Chant 9 times (3X3X3), a sacred number, especially in Wicca, sacred to the Goddess.

 Light the candles.  Give thanks as if you have already received the prosperity you are seeking.  That’s important.  Believe you already have it.  Then allow the candles & incense to burn completely out.  It’s okay if incense goes out before candles.  Feel free to light more from the candle flames if you want, but you don’t have to do that.


 White Light Visualization Exercise


This can be done anytime you feel tired, threatened, afraid, nervous, or sick.  It calls upon the positive energy of the Universe to fill you from head to toe and to completely surround you, thus giving you energy, protection, and in this state you can also focus on having your goals manifest.

 Calm and center yourself by taking 5 deep breaths.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine you are breathing in white light and exhaling gray or black smoke.  This is how you give yourself a quick spiritual cleansing.

 Next, imagine a hole opening up above you that forms a tunnel far out into the Universe.  Visualize white light cascading down through this hole, into the top of your head, down through your head, to your heart, shoulders, down both arms and out through your hands, down your spine, down each leg and out through your feet.  Imagine white light inside you and also all around you, encapsulating you as if you are inside a bubble. 

 Try to hold this visualization for 3 to 5 minutes.  If you mind wanders or other thoughts occur to you, simply put your mind back on channeling the white light.  With practice your mind will eventually stop wandering during this exercise.  This is a very powerful form of protection from all kinds of negative energy.  It is also a good way in which to send prayers out to the Universe once you have completed the visualization and are still visualizing the white light, send your prayer out, then end the visualization.  Do not see the white light leave you, just merely bring yourself back to regular consciousness.

 This exercise is very good to do just before going to bed as it helps you to get a very good night’s sleep.

 Once completely burnt out, dispose of the incense by burying it somewhere on your property or in a potted plant & KNOW that prosperity is on its way.

 This ends your spell report.  I hope you enjoy it and that you find it meaningful and helpful.  I deeply appreciate your trust in me and in my abilities and I hope should the need arise, that I can be of service to you in the future for either spells or readings.

 I wish you many blessings!


Em Hotep,

Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D., R. M - T.

 Where Magick is a Way of Life!