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I offer ethical candle work, which I call "Enchantments."  Spell, or candle work, is done in order to attract positive Energy into your life so that you can manifest what you desire.  Spells can also be used to end a streak of bad luck and return the good luck into your life.  Spell work can also help to banish negative influences from your life - whether such influences are people, entities, or just general negative energy.   Prices for my Enchantments ( or Spells) vary and are based upon the amount of materials I use, the length of time it takes me to perform your Enchantment, and the levels of Energy I need to expend in order to perform the Enchantment.  The more materials, time and Energy used, then the more powerful the Enchantment.  

I have been practicing Wicca since 1981 and have long performed candle work for myself and friends.  I went professional in 1997 and have been successfully serving clients around the world ever since.  I do not believe in using dark or negative magick in order to cause harm.  If someone has hurt you, this can be handled with positive magick (see Banishing and Binding categories below).  


When you order an Enchantment from me at Magickal-Musings.com you receive the following:

  1. E-mail verification of Order within 24 hours of payment, including the date on which I will perform your candle work

  2. E-mail correspondence as we discuss your situation so I can tailor the materials I use in the Enchantment to best suit your situation

  3. Once candle work is completed you receive a written Enchantment Report.  Reports vary from 6 - 12 pages and detail how your candles behaved while burning, psychic interpretations of any remains and what they mean pertaining to your situation, and all Reports conclude with mini-Enchantments you can perform on your own at home with easily available materials.

All Enchantments are now created on a custom-basis, which means I confer with my Guides once you send me the particulars of your situation and they help me to determine which candles and approach suits your situation the best.  I NEVER add additional charges to any order.  What you pay here is your FINAL cost for any of my Services.  Sometimes my Guides recommend I use more candles and materials than what a person ordered.  For example, someone may order a Pot of Gold Enchantment under the Money category, but my Guides tell me they really need a Power Enchantment.  When this occurs I always comply with what my Guides suggest and I never charge you anything additional and you will be informed if your candle work has been upgraded.

Here are the categories.  If you feel your situation does not match up with one of these categories, please e-mail me explaining your situation and I will be happy to make some recommendations for you.  

When ordering, please remember to e-mail me separately and include the following information:

  1. Your Full Name at birth & married name (if different)

  2. Current location of residence (city/state/country)

  3. Your Date of Birth

  4. Full Names of others involved in the situation

  5. Dates of Birth of others involved (if known, but this is not necessary)

  6. Current location of others involved (city/state/country)

Also, it helps if you also send me your specific intention, meaning, what you would like to see happen as a result of the candle work.

Here are my categories.  I can perform candle work for any purpose (but never to cause harm or to hex anyone), so if what you need is not listed, please contact me.  


Thank you!

Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D., R. M-T.  


Attract a New Love:  $55.00  

  Intended to bring someone new into your life and to help you to be more irresistible to others.  



Banish Interference in a Relationship:  $70.00  

  If you have a meddlesome mother- or father-in-law, or anyone else who is causing problems in your Relationship, this Enchantment helps to banish their negative energy and is also intended to make them unable to cause further trouble.  This is a lot like my Shield of Love Enchantment as it uses the same 2 candles, but I also include a third candle charged for the person causing your relationship problems.   This Enchantment becomes more powerful when performed and ordered in combination with my Shield of Love Enchantment (see below) 



Lovers Reunite:  $75.00  

  A 3-candle Enchantment to help you and your lover get back together.  This has a double-intention of also helping to strengthen an already existing romantic relationship.  


Shield of Love:  $55.00  

  This Enchantment helps to create a ring of protection around you and your lover to keep out the meddling of others.  This Enchantment includes protection from people, Spirits, and general negativity that can all contribute to problems in a relationship.  It becomes more powerful when ordered and combined with my Banishing Inteference in a Relationship Enchantment (see above) 




Personal Appearance & Attitude

Dieting and Weight Loss:  $60.00

A banishing Enchantment meant to diminish those extra pounds.  Remember, the Gods help those who help themselves, so exercise and a reasonable diet is also high recommended.


Personal Will Power and Determination: $40.00  (recommended for use in combination with my Dieting & Weight Loss Enchantment to help with your weight loss goals. I will not perform this Enchantment without first performing the Dieting and Weight Loss so you will need to order both)

In order to increase your determination and will power in order to accomplish a Goal.  

I highly recommend this Enchantment for those of you who order my Dieting and Weight Loss Enchantment.  I perform both Enchantments for you simultaneously.  This Enchantment can also help in providing you with the necessary will power in order to accomplish something you have been having trouble completing.


Glamour:  $65.00

When you desire to look extra attractive and to appear more charming and witty to members of the opposite sex, a "glamour" Enchantment helps to create an aura of mystery and attractiveness around you.  This Enchantment is especially good if you want to make a very good first impression; for example, at a job interview or an important party.



Money, Prosperity, Career, Job


Career and Job Advancement:  $55.00  

  We all run across obstacles at work that seem to be holding us back.  Perhaps your boss/supervisor doesn't seem to appreciate your work as much as they should, perhaps co-workers manage to take all the credit for your hard work.  Whatever the problem, this Enchantment can help.  



Pot of Gold:  $50.00  

  An Enchantment to help open doors of financial opportunity for you so your money begins to increase instead of constantly decreasing!  



Unexpected Windfall:  $45.00  

  If you are in need of some quick cash, but can't imagine where it could come from, this Enchantment can help manifest some quick, much-needed money for you.  Not as powerful as my Pot of Gold Enchantment, but this is more affordable. 



Other Types of Relationships


Attract Better Friends:  $45.00  

  There are all kinds of people and sometimes we attract those types who are not for our highest good.  I used to have friends who used me or who depended on me far too much, but when I needed help they would not have the time to help me.  Once I created and performed this Enchantment for myself those types of friendships fell away and I now have wonderful supportive friendships.   



Instant Karma:  $85.00  

  This is an intense Enchantment  for which I call upon very powerful Gods and Goddesses of Justice.  This is ONLY performed when someone has CLEARLY done you wrong and you KNOW for SURE that you have done NOTHING to deserve such treatment.  You must be absolutely SURE because if you are at all guilty the Gods will seek Justice from you as well!  This Enchantment helps the person who wronged you to realize that what they did to you was hurtful and wrong.  For many clients this Enchantment results in unexpected apologies and complete closure.   



Peace at Work:  $65.00  

  This Enchantment is intended to help everyone at work to get along better with each other so everyone can enjoy a more peaceful and cooperative work environment. 



Peace in the Neighborhood:   $65.00  

This title is taken from one of my favorite Paul McCartney songs for an Enchantment that is meant to create peaceful vibrations between you and any troublesome neighbors you may have.  



Spiritual Matters

Calling All Angels:  $55.00  

  This Enchantment is intended to help you open up more to the influence of the Angels who are always with you.  With the hustle & bustle of everyday mundane life we often cannot tune into what our Angels are trying to tell us.  This Enchantment Report includes an easy meditation to use in order to contact your Heavenly Helpers. 



Chakra Energy and Aura Reinforcement:  $100.00  

For this Enchantment I use a 7 colored glass-encased candle, each color charged for one of the main chakras that run down the center of your body.    This Enchantment is meant to bring you an increased sense of well being, balance, & harmony while strengthening your protective aura.  This Enchantment includes long distance reiki energy.   



Chakra and Auric Cleansing: $100.00  

Done like the Chakra Energy and Aura Reinforcement Enchantment with a 7-colored glass-encased candle, except that for this Enchantment I focus on removing Energy blocks and imbalances from your chakras and I also focus on removing Energy Attachments to your Auric Field.  This Enchantment also includes long distance reiki and can be quite intense, so please do not order it unless you are serious about clearing spiritual toxins out of your life.    


Spiritual House Cleansing:  $100.00  

  This is an intense Enchantment meant to drive out all evil and negative Energies from your home, office, or place of business.    I must warn you that for more severe cases this Enchantment may have to be repeated.  I have a 100% success rate with House Cleansings.  


House Blessing:  $100.00  

  This Enchantment is meant to follow my House Cleansing Ritual (see immediately above) in order to bring blessings into your home once the negative energy has been cleared out of your home.   This is a very heavy-duty Enchantment & I send you my own personal and time-tested method of House Cleansing and Blessing that is included with your Enchantment Report.      



Karmic Healing Three-Part Power Enchantment:  $250.00  

The need for this Enchantment is usually determined once I have done a reading on the relationship for which you suspect there is negative karma or negative energy from past lives affecting the relationship.  This is also very good for when you encounter serious problems between parents and children because these are usually karmic relationships.  This Enchantment is done in 3 parts beginning on a waning moon, then on the Full Moon, then on the waxing moon.   If you wish to pay in payments, please e-mail me for details.  Total cost for all 3 Karmic Healing Enchantments is:  $250.00.


Restless Spirits:  $75.00  

  Sometimes spirits attach themselves to places or people and they refuse to move on to the Light, making life miserable for the living.  If you suffer from this affliction you are not alone.  I have cleansed many haunted houses and this phenomenon is a lot more common than you would think.  This Enchantment is geared to get the Spirit out of your home/office/business as I help guide it to the Light so it can find Peace.  



Spirit Guide Awareness:  $55.00  

  If you would like to contact your Spirit Guides, this can be accomplished through the help of Candle Work.  The difference between Angels & Spirit Guides is that Angels are a Race separate from Humans.  They were never human and were created eons before the current Creation in which we all live.  Spirit Guides, on the other hand, were once very human & now that they are released from the Karmic Wheel, they return to help others.  


You ARE Psychic!  $50.00  

  Everyone is psychic to varying degrees.  This Enchantment is intended to help you increase your abilities or to develop new ones.   If you would like your powers of intuition increased, that can also be done at the same time at no additional cost.   Cost:  $50.00 USD.



When Ordering, please e-mail me with the following information:

* Full Name of all parties involved

* Dates of birth of all parties involved

* Current location (city/state/country) of all parties involved

* Your specific wishes of what you hope will manifest for you regarding your situation


E-Mail Order Confirmations are sent out within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of your Order.  All Enchantments are performed at the best time during the lunar cycle and the best day of the week suited to the purpose of your Enchantment.  I will inform you in your Order Confirmation E-Mail on what date your Enchantment will be performed and when you can expect to receive your written Enchantment Report via e-mail.  

Enchantment Reports go over candle observations of how your candle flame(s) behaved while burning, my psychic interpretation of any candle remains, recommendations for possible future work (if needed), and conclude with my own Mini-Enchantments that you can do at home with easily available materials to further increase the energy levels of the Enchantment I performed for you.  My Reports range in length from 5 to 12 pages.

You may view a sample Enchantment Report here.  Click on the link at the bottom of the Sample Report Page to return here.

Here is what one person had to say about my Candle Work. If you wish to read other Testimonials, you may do so on my Testimonials Page.  Dawn's story is an example of what happened when she did NOT get what she asked for:

 "I needed money desperately.  The bank was going to foreclose on my house, my husband   had long since left me, and it was just me and my two kids.  My parents are dead, I had no one I could turn to for help, and my credit the way it was, no bank would make me a loan & my credit cards were maxed out.  In desperation, I turned to Nefer Khepri Hemet for help.  I asked her to do a Prosperity Spell for me since I figured money would fix all my problems.  However, in asking this to be for my highest good or to bring me something better than prosperity, something quite unexpected & wonderful happened.  Within 48 hours of Nefer performing the spell, my husband called.  He begged to see me and the kids.  We met the next day in a public place where he broke down, begged our forgiveness and begged me to take him back & give him a second chance.  Since I never stopped loving him & realized our children needed their father, I took him back.  He moved back in within 4 days of Nefer performing the Prosperity Spell.  The day after he moved in he paid the mortgage payment.  Our house was saved, my children were blissfully happy that Daddy was back home, and ever since then my husband and I have been very, very happy.  And I know in my heart of hearts that I have Nefer to thank.  Her spell brought me more than prosperity, it brought the love of my life back home and made four people extremely happy.  Nefer, I can never ever thank you enough!"   ~  Dawn S. in Boulder, Colorado.

Dawn's case proves that magick really does move in mysterious ways and that the Gods always know what is truly best for us and those we love!  Thank YOU, Dawn, for your glowing recommendation & I am so thankful everything worked out so well for you!

My goal is to help put positive Energies into motion in your life that help you to manifest your Dreams into Reality.  I do not work with  negative Energy or placing hexes or curses on anyone, so please don't ask me.

If you wish to read about my Magickal ethics, please do so, then you can return to this page to place an Order, if you wish.  Please remember that Enchantments & Magick are never meant to take the place of Medical, Legal, or Psychiatric Counseling.  Also, I do not do Magick or Readings concerning any type of Health matters.  Thank you for understanding.

Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D., R. M-T.

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