Manifestation Mandala created for Sally, 2011

Manifestation Mandalas ~

Spiritual Art


      Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.


"The mandala is the center.  It is the exponent of all paths.  It is the path to the center, to individuation." ~ Carl G. Jung



My Manifestation Mandalas are all one-of-a-kind works of art created specifically for each individual.  Color & symbol are used as representation of the wishes you hope to manifest in your life.  Symbol and color are very powerful tools of transformation and manifestation.  When you focus on your own Manifestation Mandala and send thought and desire to those things in your life you wish to manifest you set power energies into motion.  Combined with your Manifestation Mandala, these energies help to manifest your dreams and hopes into reality.

While focusing on symbols within a mandala created just for you  the process helps you  work  towards manifesting your fondest wishes & most heart-felt desires through focused positive thought, the energy inherent in the symbols of your Manifestation Mandala, & the Divine Energies also present during the creation process of your Manifestation Mandala.

Each of my Manifestation Mandalas is a unique work of art made with your wishes & intentions in mind.  Your Manifestation Mandala is specific to you & to you alone.  The colors & symbols within your Manifestation Mandala are dictated to me by your Angels, Spirit Guides, and/or Higher Self.  Therefore, every Manifestation Mandala is a channeled work of art.  Your Manifestation Mandala is a unique artistic creation designed to help you manifest desired changes in your life.  It is my goal with every Manifestation Mandala I create to provide you with a valuable tool you can use to help create the life that you desire.

When used as a focal point, your Manifestation Mandala will communicate messages from your unconscious & subconscious parts of your psyche to the ego/mind in a nonverbal manner through the language of color & symbols.  When focusing on color & symbols within a Manifestation Mandala the process can help you to express your sense of identity by helping to integrate present experiences & open you up to future spiritual growth.  As you focus on your Manifestation Mandala through the colors & symbols it contains you can discover the guidance of your Angels, Spirit Guides, & Higher Self.


What is a Mandala?

A mandala is a picture containing symbols or patterns that is used in meditation.  Colors and symbols are combined in such a way to help create inner focus and a sense of peace or calm.  When you meditate upon your Manifestation Mandala you move closer toward a realization of your true nature, a sense of completeness as you move toward experiencing a deep sense of unity with the Divine. 

As you spend time with your Manifestation Mandala, simply gazing at it will surround you with the divine energies of the Angels, Spirit Guides, and other divine beings that were involved in your mandala's initial creation process.  Their energies are contained within the Manifestation Mandala itself, thus making it a powerful tool for self-transformation and spiritual growth.

The Manifestation Mandala to the right was the very first one I created for myself.  My focused goals were to have healthy, pain-free knees, increase my clientele base with new clients, & spiritual protection since the line of work I'm in can be quite dangerous at times.  Since the creation of my personal Manifestation Mandala my clientele has grown significantly, I feel strong protective presences around me continuously, and on June 27, 2012 while in Rome, Italy I received a miraculous healing of my knees from the Blessed Virgin Mary, which you can read about at my blog.  I can honestly say that all of my wishes for my Manifestation Mandala have come true and now the time has come to create a second one for myself.

Each Manifestation Mandala will come with up to four positive affirmations for you to use while gazing at your mandala.  A positive affirmation is a statement made in a clear and positive manner that helps to set forces in motion that then work toward helping you to manifest a specific desire.  If you send me a list of up to four things you wish to manifest in your life I will channel your personal positive affirmations as I create your Manifestation Mandala, thus infusing your mandala with the energies of those specific positive affirmations.  Your wishes and goals will be worked into your personal positive affirmations.

When you order a Manifestation Mandala from me you will also receive a typed interpretation of the symbols and colors that are contained within your mandala.  Most of this information is channeled either from my own angels or spirit guides, yours, or even Aspects of Deity.  Each Manifestation Mandala has an inherent meaning, like symbols in a dream, but the meaning is specific to you and to your present situation.  For example, mountains are a frequent symbol in art as well as in dreams.  Yet a mountain for one person may represent spiritual aspirations while for another it may represent obstacles that they need to overcome.  A tree is another common symbol.  For one person it may represent growth and opportunity coming their way (as in the four small trees on the Manifestation Mandala at the top of the page I created for my good friend, Sally who has grown spiritually so much this past year); whereas, in another person's mandala the tree may indicate something in their life that has fully blossomed and that now new projects need to be focused upon.   Although some symbols in mandalas may be very common, the interpretations of your symbols within your Manifestation Mandala will be unique to you.


What if I can't meditate or don't know how to meditate?  How can a Manifestation Mandala work for me?

  Good question!  Guess what?  I can't meditate, either!  I'm a double Gemini (both sun & moon in Gemini) so I Ruth's Manifestation Mandala find it difficult to focus  on any one thought for long.  Yet, I created a Manifestation Mandala for myself and I will just glance at it throughout the day while going over my own affirmations of the positive changes I wish to manifest in my life.  That's all it takes.  You can focus or meditate upon your mandala for as briefly as glances throughout the day as I do, or you can sit in front of it and focus solely upon it and your affirmations for 5 minutes at a time, perhaps up to three times a day if your schedule permits.

Beginners and experienced meditation practitioners alike can successfully use Manifestation Mandalas.  No special training, lessons, or self-discipline is required.  If you can focus on a single though, then you can make good use of my Manifestation Mandalas.  By focusing on your Manifestation Mandala for just a few minutes everyday you will be setting energy into motion that will encourage the increase of positive energy in your life that can help to bring about positive changes you wish to implement in your life at a pace that is right for you.  Gazing at a Manifestation Mandala helps you to take important steps towards connecting with your own inner spiritual resources - your angels, spirit guides, and your own unique connection to the Divine, that can help to manifest increased harmony, peace, balance, and optimism in your life.  When you connect with your own inner spiritual resources you will gain a fresh perspective on life's challenges and you will see that you have very powerful beings and energies around you to help you through those challenges. 


  Lisa Hunt Mandala # 1    Here are two Manifestation Mandalas that I was very pleased to create for   tarot artist, Lisa Hunt.  Lisa is the creatrix of the Shapeshifter Tarot, Celtic  Dragon Tarot, Fantastical Creatures Tarot, Fairy Tale Tarot, and her latest offering is the Lisa Hunt Mandala 2Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, which I have reviewed on my blog.  Her Manifestation Mandala got split into two separate mandalas because when I received the symbols in meditation with my spirit guides everything in the Manifestation Mandala on the right appeared within the smaller circle in the center of the Manifestation Mandala on the left.  I work on a 12X12" canvas and there was no way I could render all that detail as small as I would have to get it in order to fit it all onto a single canvas.  So, Lisa received two from me.  It is very rare, but this can happen, and when it does, and it happens to be your Manifestation Mandala, I assure you that you will also receive two separate Manifestation Mandalas at NO extra charge. 



"The first thing I noticed when I unwrapped my Mandala was the wonderful vibrancy of the colours & the extremely positive feeling it generated!  I had been fortunate to witness the creation process via pictures over the internet, but they could not prepare me for how dynamic & powerful the colour is in real life. Painted on canvas with acrylics, the effect is extremely striking & the pattern of the Mandala really jumps out & grabs you!  Along with the Mandala I also received a lovely card listing the affirmations to be used in conjunction with my picture.  I have 4 affirmations to use, as is very evident in the design on my Mandala, 4 hearts, 4 feathers, 4 stars & so on.  On a practical note, my Mandala was very well packaged & protected, arriving here, ( UK ), in perfect condition. This is a beautiful work of both Art & Spirit & I am extremely grateful to Nefer for creating this wonderful Mandala for me" ~ Ruth Ibbotson

"It is my belief that the Manifestation Mandalas Nefer creates are spiritual tools for enlightenment.  The four things I sought most in myself to improve were imprinted via artistic impression, guidance and reiki to create a sentimental and unique product.Since the creation of my mandala, I have posted pictures of it everywhere.  Though constantly being in its presence I can definitely say that since the first year of its creation I have accomplished close to fifty percent of the imprinted intentions.  I would recommend this life changing product to anyone interested in self empowerment and improvement or anyone who just appreciates a beautiful work of art" ~ Sally Nur.


"Nefer did a fantastic job visually analyzing my psyche through her introspective offerings. These paintings add vibrant life to my otherwise drab studio wall. They're grounding and make me smile every time I look up at these reflections of the soul" ~ tarot creatrix Lisa Hunt, from her blog.


How can Manifestation Mandalas help me?

The process of focusing upon a mandala helps to expand our limited perspective to show us that all things in the universe are interconnected.  This realization helps us to feel more complete and helps to present us with insight into our own spiritual nature.  Focusing on the positive affirmations that will come with your Manifestation Mandala can help to free you from limiting thought patterns that have been preventing your inner growth.   If we all were to repeatedly focus on the positive symbols within Manifestation Mandalas that are charged with divine energies, I truly believe that we would be capable of developing a new way of seeing the world that would help us to cultivate inner peace and harmony during trying times in our lives and that we would begin to react to them more constructively and with less stress.   I can already see this occurring in my own life as I glance at my Manifestation Mandala several times a day.

Consider your Manifestation Mandala to be a personal message to you from your angels and spirit guides.  Open yourself to receive their messages meant only ofr you.  Meditating upon your Manifestation Mandala and using the affirmations can help to create change in your own personal energy.  This can result in you experiencing certain emotions or help to bring important memories to the surface.  I suggest once you've received your Manifestation Mandala that you keep a Meditation Journal on hand in which you can make note of any observations, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, or memories that enter your awareness as you work with your Manifestation Mandala.  Using this method you can keep a record of your experiences with your mandala and review them at a later time to gauge how well your Manifestation Mandala is helping you. 



Please include the following when ordering:  full name, date of birth, current city/state/country of residence, and up to 4 goals or wishes that you hope to manifest in your life.

Manifestation Mandalas are works of art directed by Spirit, I am merely the channel.  Please allow for 4 - 6 weeks for completion of your Manifestation Mandala.  For international orders, once your Manifestation Mandala is complete, please allow for an additional 10 working days for delivery.  Domestic orders within the USA require 4 - 6 working days for delivery.


DOMESTIC ORDERS (within the USA, only):  $115 (price includes shipping & handling)  

   $115 DOMESTIC, USA only

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (all other countries, including Canada & Mexico):  $150 (price includes shipping & handling)

$150 INTERNATIONAL (including Canada & Mexico)











Important Notice:  As Artist & Creator of Manifestation Mandalas, under international copyright law I retain all usage rights for all Manifestation Mandalas I create.  I am the holder of the copyright and you own the original work of art.  Images of Manifestation Mandalas may be used in a future project; such as, books or card decks.  Should your Manifestation Mandala be used you will be informed and your complete and total privacy will be maintained, unless you request in writing otherwise.