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For years I have taught a 9-part introductory Wicca course out of my home.  My students have asked me many questions.  What follows are the questions I have been asked the most times.  I hope that some of these address your concerns.  If not, please feel free to e-mail me with your questions.  I am happy to help you.

If you are interested in good introductory books on Wicca, there are two I use as the standard text books for my course.  They are both published by Llewellyn & are available widely in paperback:

Scott Cunningham:  Wicca:  A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner


Silver RavenWolf:  To Ride a Silver Broomstick

also, Silver's Teen Magic is very good not only for Teens, but for all beginners on the magickal path.  She also has a book called Angels:  Companions in Magic for those of you interested in working with Angelic Energies.  More advanced students of Wicca would enjoy another of her books, To Stir a Magic Cauldron.


This section contains information that anyone who practices magick or is considering it, should know, so please read this before you go on to the other sections I have on magick.


1.  What are your Spell Reports?

My Spell Reports consist of anywhere from 4 to 12 single-spaced typed pages of the observations I made while your candles were burning.  I tell you how the candle flames are behaving and what sort of information this tells me.  I also interpret any candle remains once your candles have gone out.  Included at the end are mini-Enchantments you can do on your own with full instructions.  By performing these mini-Enchantments you help your cause a great deal by adding your own unique Energy to the work I've done on your behalf.


2.  What is the difference between black and white magick?

First of all, there is no difference.  Despite what you may have read or may have been told, magick has no color.  It is pure universal energy & therefore, does not differentiate between white (good) and black (evil).  I tell my Wicca students that if magick is any color, it is gray, neither black nor white.  The color comes from what is held in the heart of the magickal person.  Your intent and intentions color your magick, whether for good or bad.  Your intent is the true you, the true feelings you have deep within your heart, your true motivation for performing a particular Candle Working or Enchantment in the first place.  There is no either/or in this situation.  You are either coming from a good place when you perform magick, or you are not.

If one must define white versus black magick, I would say that white magick is performed with the intent of harming no one, for the highest good of all concerned, and with the intent of following the will of Deity in whatever it is you do.  Just because you are doing a ritual to manifest something doesn't necessarily mean you will get it.  Deity always knows what is best for us, despite what our ego may think or desire.  

Black magick usually comes in three main forms:  purposefully using universal energy to cause harm to someone (and yes, this does include breaking up someone's existing relationship just because you want to be with them!),  seeking revenge for either real or imagined wrongs against you or someone you love, and the purposeful inversion of any form of white magick, including the Catholic mass.  By inversion, I mean the perversion of an existing ritual or religious practice by saying it backward and inverting sacred symbols upside-down (such as an inverted crucifix, which we've all seen in various horror movies or saying The Lord's Prayer backwards).

When performing magick of any  kind the Law of Three is in effect.  Whatever you send out, will come back to you three times.  Basically, magick is energy; and, as such, once you let it loose, it will always come back to you, since you were the one to set it in motion.   What goes around, comes around.  So, if you request only good, then blessings will come back to you.  However, if you perform black magick, then in the end you are only harming yourself; and, you have in fact, become your own worst enemy.


3.  It is possible to think too much about an Enchantment you've had done, and therefore "push" the magickal energy away from you, causing nothing to happen?

Yes, it is true that if you "push" for something too hard, or think about your Enchantment work and dwell on it too much that you can drain the positive energy away and it will not have the desired outcome that you are hoping for.  I teach an introductory Wicca class out of my home and just about all the students do this when they are beginning to work on doing candle work for themselves.  They hope too much, think about the Enchantment too much, and this dissipates its energy so it loses all of its power and then nothing gets accomplished.

 Ideally, when you do candle work or hire someone to do it for you, you should then put it out of your mind.  That means you shouldn't wonder, "gee, will this work?  I wonder what sort of an effect it is having now?" and that sort of thing. Just know the positive energy has been sent out into the Universe for you and have faith that it will accomplish your desired result OR something BETTER. 


4.  Who can perform magick?

Anyone!  That's the neatest thing about magick.  You don't have to have a PhD or read tons of books in order to do it properly.  All that is required for success are:

You don't need tons of magickal tools, candles, or any particular kind of incense or oil - although often such things are helpful, they fall under the category of "magickal aids", and as such, are not completely necessary for a successful Enchantment.  They only help to further direct your thought and help you to maintain your focus on your goal.


5.  What can magick do for me?

Just about anything, but within reason.  We've all heard that saying, "God helps those who help themselves."  This means that none of us can depend on an external force or Deity to make things happen or bring things to us without any effort on our part.  If you're doing an Enchantment to help you get a new job, then you had better also help yourself in the real world by getting your resume together and scanning the want ads of your local paper.  If you just sit there and do nothing, not even the most powerful Enchantment is going to bring your wishes to you.  You must also make the effort on your end in the physical world to do things to bring your desires into reality.

I have been practicing magick since 1983 and was self-dedicated to the Goddess and the God on Beltane, 1989.  Despite all the years I have been doing magick, I have yet to master the skill of wiggling my nose and suddenly having a 7-course dinner made and the house cleaned up.  That is pure fantasy and real magick just doesn't work that way.

Magickal energy follows the path of least resistance, meaning, if you perform an Enchantment then go out and do things in your reality to help your desires to come about, chances are much better that your magickal efforts will manifest your wishes. 


6.  What if I know someone did some black magick against me, or what if I'm in danger?  How can magick help me?

First of all, if someone did something magickal against you, they would have to make you aware of it in order for the magick to work.  If someone claims they have done an evil spell on you, you can use white magick to deflect it.  It is perfectly permissable for you to defend yourself when threatened.  For instance, a client of mine was continually threatened by an old boyfriend who was stalking her.  The cops repeatedly failed to do anything & he was very clever to not defy the restraining order when any witnesses were around.  Since she never had anyone to support her, the cops never picked him up for harassing her.  So she turned to me for help. 

In this type of situation where a person is bothering you, again, you can take care of it magickally without causing them any harm.  Remember, what goes around, comes around.  If you do harm to another, then somehow you will be harmed.  In the case of a troublesome person, you can perform either a banishing spell or a binding Enchantment.   A banishing sends them away, causes them to lose interest in you.  A binding prevents whatever negative energy they've been sending you to continue flowing.  It stops, stagnates, and basically bites the sender in the ass so they learn from their mistakes (we hope!).


7.  If I call on a particular goddess or god to help me, how do I know Who to call upon?

This is a bit tricky.  First of all, if you're just starting out in magick you probably have no idea which aspect of Deity to call upon.  When I first started, I went first with the generic Lord and Lady, and Mother Goddess and Father God.  I had no particular manifestation of Deity in mind.  I also followed my Catholic upbringing and called on Jesus as the God and the Virgin Mary as the Goddess.  Finally, I tried working with Isis and Osiris of the Egyptian pantheon (but with no success in the beginning, more on that elsewhere), and with Brigit and Herne of the Celtic pantheon.

My advice to you is to call on Whomever feels the most comfortable to you.  You can rely on your religious and spiritual upbringing.  If you have an interest in a particular ancient culture (such as Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Aztec, etc ...) you may want to call on their gods for help in your magick.

For beginners, I suggest calling on the Lord and Lady, or the Mother Goddess and Father God.  You don't have to use any particular names.  They know Who They are.  However, They may not be aware of who you are.  Therefore, before working with any particular manifestation of deity, as part of the introductory part of your ritual, follow the good manners taught to you by your parents and simply introduce yourself to Them.  Then call on Them for Their help and rest assured that They will know who you are & will be much more willing to help you than if you called on Them out of the blue without any form of introduction.


8.  What if I do a candle working or Enchantment, but don't get what I desire?

This could be for any number of reasons.  The most common reason is due to poor concentration, and this is very common for beginners.   You allowed your thoughts to wander.  I am a Gemini; and, as such, I usually maintain anywhere from 4 to 6 thoughts in my head at any given time.  I'm usually thinking of some creative project I'm working on, another one I wish to start, the need to call & check on a friend, what I'll cook for dinner, doing the laundry, and so on.  When performing magick, the second you begin the actual Enchantment, all you should allow yourself to think of is what you are trying to manifest. Period.  When other thoughts interfere, and believe me they will, simply dismiss them and bring your focus back to the job at hand.

Other reasons an Enchantment may not get you the results you desire are:

When performing magick, certain rules must always be followed.  First of all, I highly recommend that you do not talk about what you are doing to anyone, no matter how good a friend they may be.  If they are not of exactly the same mind you are, they may not believe in magick and may secretly start thinking that this crazy idea of yours won't work & that you are wasting your time.  When this happens they are really sending your work negative energy.  So not only does your Enchantment have to work on manifesting your desires, now the magick has to also work on deflecting the negative energy being sent its way.

Depending on the type of magick you are doing, it is best to perform your work at certain times during the lunar cycle (more on this later).  Whether you are trying to manifest something, banish something, bring healing, or bind someone, the lunar phase can make a world of difference about whether or not your magick will work.

Doubt is also a major problem.  Many of my students who are just starting out doubt their own abilities.  They simply cannot believe how easy magick is, how readily available this energy is to everyone, and how simple it is to manifest your wishes.  They feel that magick must be complicated in order to work.  Depending on how you design your rituals, magick can become incredibly complicated, but only if you wish it to be.  People usually doubt that any deity other than the Christian version of God exists.  What I tell my students is this.

I use the Egyptian civilization as an example because it was the longest existing civilization in the history of our planet, and because most people are familiar with certain aspects of it.  I tell my students that if the Christian version of God is the only aspect of Deity that exists, then why did the Egyptians worship all those gods for over 3,500 years???  You would think that if these gods and goddesses did not exist, did not have any real powers, then the Egyptians would have realized this pretty early on and would have decided to worship some other aspect of deity until they discovered God.  I tell them that the God that we know growing up Christian has many faces.  Deity is all-encompassing and is far too vast for any human mind to be able to comprehend It in Its Totality.  I firmly believe that all deities worshipped at all times throughout history are really smaller aspects of what Christians, Muslims, and Jews call "God."  These aspects have particular fields of expertise, much like the Catholic saints.  You pray to St. Martin de Porres, for example, if you desire to be healed of a physical problem.  You pray to St. Anthony when you are concerned about a child or when you've lost something.  Particular gods and goddesses of a pantheon (a group of deities worshipped by a particular culture at a particular time in that culture's history) also have fields of expertise.  Drawing on the Egyptian example again, if you desire to be protected, the god Anubis (Anpu to the ancient Egyptians) would be a good one to call upon as He is the deity who guided the soul through the treacherous Underworld.  If you would like a new relationship or more romance in an existing relationship, then the goddess Hathor, goddess of Love, Beauty, and the Arts, would be a good one to call upon, and so on.  Once you realize that all gods from all times and all cultures are merely different faces of the One, then you realize that all gods are one god. It is up to us to find that particular aspect of Deity with Whom we resonate the best.

Lastly, your Enchantment may not work because what you desire is not for your highest good.  Whichever aspect of Deity you choose to work with, They will always have your highest good in mind.  We may think that what we desire is just the greatest thing since chocolate (which to me, would make it pretty darn great), but the gods know better than we do.  They can see all potential outcomes of an action before it occurs, and They know in Their Infinite Wisdom, how we will be affected by what we are trying to accomplish.  In some cases, They may decide that what we desire would not be good for us, therefore, the Enchantment won't work.

 An example of this happened to one of my clients.  She was buying my Cup of Love candle in order to try start a new relationship with someone after her husband had left her.  He had been gone nearly a year and she figured she was ready to start a new relationship.  I counseled her on the ethics of love magick, as I do all my clients before selling them one of my love candles.  You can't force someone to fall in love with you and any magickal practitioner who tells you they can make this happen for you, is a liar and probably a cheat.  You cannot mess with the free will of another person.  No exceptions!!!  However, you can do love magick in order to bring someone new into your life without concentrating on a particular person.  You can concentrate on some nameless person who has the traits you desire in a mate (this is what I did and 2 weeks later I met the man who would end up being my husband).  This is what she was doing, however, no one was manifesting.  She did all the right things to help herself get a man.  She took great care with her personal appearance, joined a few groups, went to the club with her friends on the weekend, but no one was coming into her life.  After 3 months of trying she was ready to throw in the towel and declare magick to be a fairy tale.  I insisted that it was not and after discussing with her how she was performing her love Enchantment & finding nothing wrong, I suggested we needed to do a reading to find out what was going wrong.  It turned out that she was still deeply in love with her husband, despite how he had hurt her, and secretly, she was hoping he would come back to her.  Once we got that cleared up I suggested she burn my Banishing candle and my Shield of Love candle to clear their relationship of any obstacles.  In this way, if they were meant to be together, it would happen.  She burned one pair of these candles and the very next day he called saying he wanted to talk.  They met and he told her how miserable he had been ever since leaving her, that he did a horrible thing, & he begged her for her forgiveness, promising that if she could find it in her heart to take him back, he would never hurt her again.

Since then, they have been happily married for 7 years and have two beautiful children together.

So, you see, the gods knew better.  They knew what was in her heart and They knew what her secret desire was, even though she was unwilling to admit this to herself.  Sometimes we don't know what is best for us, but the gods always know, so trust in Them and you can't go wrong.  In this case, it was a real blessing her original love Enchantment did not work.  When she switched tactics and focused instead on removing obstacles from an existing relationship, she manifested a miracle, and you can do the same thing if you put your mind to it.


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