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Depending on the type of magick you wish for me to perform on your behalf, your spell will either take place during the waxing, full, or waning cycle of the moon.  A complete lunar cycle takes approximately 28 days to complete, which includes the waxing, full, and waning phases of the moon.

Each lunar phase lasts approximately 2 weeks, with the exception of the full moon, which lasts for 3 days.  Each lunar phase is good for particular kinds of magick, but not for others.  Based on what you wish to work on, I may decide to perform your Enchantment during the waxing, full, or waning cycle of the moon.  When I receive your order I will notify you of which cycle I am using, my reasons for doing so, and the exact date on which your Enchantment will be performed.



this means the moon is growing in size from New to Full.  Lasting approximately 2 weeks, the lunar energy available at this times helps in spells for things you wish to bring TO you and to INCREASE things, such as love, prosperity, and positive opportunities. 



this phase lasts 3 days, 24 hours before the exact time and date noted on the calendar, the actual day of the full moon, and for exactly 24 hours after the exact date & time of the full moon.  This gives us 3 days in which to perform Full Moon magick.  Full Moon magick is very powerful since the moon is at Her full power at this time of Her cycle.  Orders for Full Moon Enchantments are always the first to be filled each month, so if you desire a spell to be performed to take advantage of Full Moon energy, I suggest you order  as early in that particular lunar cycle as possible.  The Full Moon governs all kinds of magick, which includes manifesting (bringing things to you), banishing (getting rid of unwanted things & influences), and is especially good for magick concerning protection and increasing one's intuitive abilities.



 the waning moon represents the lunar cycle from Full to dark.  This is when the moon decreases in size over approximately a 2 week period.  Magick at this time focuses solely on banishing, which means getting rid of things you no longer want in your life.  Magick at this time can focus on removing obstacles that are preventing you from manifesting your desires, banishing negative energy and/or entities from a person, place or thing; losing weight, and so on.  Anything you want to see GONE from your life, now is the time to do magick to achieve that goal.


Since I perform Enchantments according to the proper lunar phase, please bear in mind it may take up to a month (if you are requesting Full Moon magick) for me to perform your Enchantment.  However, as an advanced practitioner who also combines reiki with magick, I can perform banishing Enchantments during the waxing cycle and manifesting Enchantments during the waning cycle, if you so desire.  There is no extra charge for adding reiki to Enchantments so they can be performed at any time of the lunar cycle.  Such magick is based solely on need to get it done as soon as possible so I provide the reiki energy free of charge.

I always endeavor to perform Enchantments on the day of the week best for that kind of magick.  Each day is ruled by one of 7 planets, each planet rules over certain kinds of magick, therefore making certain days of week better for certain kinds of magick than others.  


Below is a brief chart of magickal correspondences for the days of the week.



Ruled by the Sun, magick done on this day is for general success in all matters.


Ruled by the Moon, best for magick dealing with intuition, dreams, & spirit guides.


Ruled by Mars, planet of war, best for banishing magick or for spells to help you fight something off.


Ruled by Mercury, planet of communication.  Best for spells concerning relationships of all kinds and also anything having to do with written or spoken language or messages.


Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of increase.  Best for spells concerning prosperity, career, & anything in your life you would like to see increase or grow.


Ruled by Venus, planet of Love.  Best for Love, during the waning phase this is the second-best day of the week for banishing magick.


Ruled by Saturn, the planet of decrease.  Best for banishing magick or magick focusing on helping you overcome bad habits or change your attitude.


When you order an Enchantment from me I always take the lunar phase into account, then I try my best to schedule your Enchantment on the best day of the week for the  type of magick your desires require.

If ordering, please be sure to e-mail me with the specifics of your situation, how you would like to see things turn out, and the following information:

Your full name, date of birth, and current city/state or city/country of residence.

I will also need this same information for all other people involved with the spell.

A "live" lunar calendar is available at my blog.



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Sorry, but I do not perform Spells, Enchantments, or Rituals for Minors nor do I advise Minors on magickal matters.