Fantastical Creatures Tarot


Lisa Hunt & D. J. Conway

(US Games Systems, Inc. 2007)


Another deck by gifted tarot artist Lisa Hunt, the Fantastical Creatures is a Top 10 deck of 2007.  For this deck Lisa focused on creatures from a wide variety of mythological systems.  Even if you're a mythology/creature buff you will most likely find a few in here that you've never heard of before.  As with her Animals Divine deck, the imagery is bright, vibrant, and all done with Windsor Newton watercolors.  A gorgeous deck, the Fantastical Creatures is a very good all-purpose deck.  However, if your question is of a more spiritual nature, the Fantastical Creatures tarot can address such issues very well and thoroughly.  I get very deep readings for myself using this deck.

And now for some sample images from the deck ...

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you purchase this deck for  yourself, please be aware that the black border you see around the images on my web site were added by me when I downloaded the images into Word.  The black border is NOT AVAILABLE via the publisher or artist.  The cards come with the ecru border only. 


Examples from the Major Arcana


                                                         Winged Cat                                      The Ruhk                                           The Sphinx


                                                     Lady of the Lake                                   The Kraken                                           Firebird


Examples from the suit of Wands:


                                                             Simurgh                                        Egyptian Ba                                        Titania


Examples from the suit of Cups:


                                                            Water Faries                                    Mer Folk                                      The Muses


Examples from the suit of Swords:


                                                          Thor's Goats                                       Fox Lady                                           Naga 


Examples from the suit of Pentacles:


                                                              Brownies                                        Firedrake                                     Danu