The Fairy Tale Tarot


Lisa Hunt

(Llewellyn, 2009)


The Fairy Tale Tarot comes with a hefty 299-page guide book entitled, Once Upon a Time ..., also written by tarot artist, Lisa Hunt.  The cards are all renditions of the central themes and elements of fairy tales from around the world, with an emphasis upon the German and French fairy tales with which the western world is most familiar.  All the characters from your childhood are here:  Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, the Ugly Duckling, and the Seven Dwarves.  They are accompanied by lesser-known characters; such as, Jorinda & Joringal (German),  Little One Inch (Japanese),  the Golden-Headed Fish (Mideast/Central Asian), the Snake Prince (Indian), and a host of other fascinating characters. 

Lisa Hunt designed the Fairy Tale Tarot in the same overall style as her other decks using vibrant watercolor on a foundation of highly detailed pencil drawings.    Every single card in this deck is a gorgeous piece of art in its own right.  Look carefully and you will see hidden faces and creatures amongst tree branches and hidden within stones.  The hidden faces give the deck an etheral quality we see to a lesser extend in Lisa's earlier works (mainly Fantastical Creatures with just a hint in her earlier deck, Animals Divine, on the Thunderbirds card).  Viewing each card gives one the impression of being granted a brief glimpse into an otherworldly landscape populated by creatures we cannot see with our naked eyes.

The Fairy Tale Tarot provides the seeker with deep and meaningful answers to questions and issues posed to it.  The deck is suited for all types of questions and if you want a more spiritual point of view even to the most mundane of issues, then this is the deck to choose.

This is not a deck for beginners.  The guide book is 299 pages in which Lisa carefully gives her own renditions of each fairy tale represented on each card.  That's 78 fairy tales and the book alone took a great deal of research and time to put together.  On its own it serves as a very entertaining read.  I've been reading tarot for over 20 years and it took me a week to go through the cards the first time.  The imagery is overwhelming to people who are more intuitive/psychic than the average person.  If you wish to purchase it, please know going in that it will take you time to absorb it all, even if you're a seasoned professional.  Give yourself the extra time needed and you will find a very special friend hiding within the Fairy Tale Tarot.  This is now my favorite deck.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  the color on these cards goes all the way to the edge.  The white border you see here I added using Word once I downloaded the images.  These cards DO NOT come with a white border if you purchase them. 

Here are some sample cards from the deck:

Examples from the Major Arcana:


Sorceress: Lady of the Lake           Mentor: Puss in Boots                 Wheel: 12 Dancing Princesses



                                       Transformation: Beauty & the Beast        Star: Star Maiden                 Moon:  Sleeping Beauty 


Examples from the suit of Wands:


                                               Ace: How Coyote Stole Fire          4:  Jack & the Beanstalk            7: Hansel & Gretel


Examples from the suit of Cups:


                                                   3: Little Ida's Flowers                7:  The Glass Mountain            Prince: The Frog Prince


Examples from the suit of Swords:


                                       5:  Faries of the Moutain of the Moon                      6:  Snow White                      7:  3 Billy Goats Gruff


Examples from the suit of Pentacles:


                                                  2:  Ricky of the Tuft                    5:  Goldilocks & 3 Bears               7:  Golden Goose