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If printed out this is about 5 pages long, but please take the time to read the entire article because there is some very important information in it that will help protect you from dishonest practitioners as you surf the web.   Thank you!

I practice Wicca and I work with Egyptian gods and goddesses for my magic.  If you prefer, I also work with Angels, just ask me.  I deal ONLY with positive magic.  I will not under any circumstances help you to curse or hex anyone.  If someone is causing you problems, please let me know. There are positive magical ways in which such problems can be successfully dealt with that do not involve negative magic. 

Before I perform any Enchantment for a client I always inform them that whatever energy is put OUT into the Universe will come BACK to you at least three times stronger than what was sent out.  This is a Universal Law.  You will see this discussed in any good book on Wicca and Magic Enchantments in general.  This applies to you even if you hire someone else like myself to perform the Enchantment on your behalf.  Plus, as the one casting the actual Enchantment, it applies to me as well, even if you and I have never met.  So, please don't ask for hexes or curses because I simply will not do that and I do not condone that behavior in others, either. 

I also inform all clients that magic is like electricity.  It is energy that feeds off other other energy (the intent of the Enchantment & how well you follow my instructions on following through with prayers and/or meditations after the Enchantment is completed).  It bounces around, most of the time quite unpredictably.  The basic rule of thumb is that most magic can take up to 1 lunar cycle (approximately 28 days) to manifest results.  Magic is energy that takes the path of least resistance toward your goal. This means that if there are many obstacles between you and your desire, then your desire will take longer to manifest.  It's that simple.  Sometimes Enchantments are repeated, but I do not suggest it unless the situation is really dire. 

In the cases when clients have asked me to repeat a Enchantment that did not bring results within a lunar cycle, I limit clients to only two repetitions.  Why?  Let's say you have a child, like I do.  This kid asks you for candy, but it's an hour before dinner time.  You say "no."  The child, disappointed, goes on to something else.  However, a mere 10 minutes later, your kid is back asking you for candy again.  For the second time you say "No" and now you're getting a bit irritated.  See where I'm going with this?  Why risk upsetting the Gods regarding your request by repeatedly asking for the same thing over and over again?

Asking twice is okay, but asking more than that and you run the risk of angering the gods with Whom I work, and that would not be a good thing.  Unfortunately, sometimes the gods deem something you are asking for is not for your highest good so in some rare cases, you get a "no" answer.  However, I always ask that the goal be for my client's highest good, and if NOT, then to please bring other positive and needed blessings into the life of my client.  So even if you may not get exactly what you are asking for, you may end up with something different, but in the end, much better than your original goal.


A Special Note on Love Magic

First of all, if you wish to make someone fall in love with you or make someone do something you want them to do, then I'm sorry, but this is not the site for you.  Such magic can be done, and often is, but this is MANIPULATION.  This kind of magic is BLACK because you are forcing someone to do something that is against their FREE WILL.  I do not participate in such Enchantments, nor do I suggest you do, no matter how desperate you may be.  There is always another way to achieve your goal. 

For example, in love Enchantments, you may be crazy about someone, but he or she may not realize you exist or there may be some strain on the relationship, in whatever form it exists.  Instead of focusing energy on MAKING that person love you, what I will do in such situations is work a love Enchantment that will surround YOU with more loving vibrations.  This may or may not cause this particular person to become attracted to you.  They will be attracted to you if they FREELY decide to do so, otherwise, my love Enchantments will attract someone else into your life.  In any love Enchantment, the key to attracting REAL and TRUE love in your life is to ask the Universe to bring you the person who is for your highest good.  I always stipulate this in all my love Enchantments.  Most importantly, a person must first love themselves before others will truly love them in return.


Empowering My Clients

The type of information I have is all learned from a massive amount of books I have read over the years, plus my college education for which I majored in Anthropology/Archaeology and focused on the spirituality of ancient civilizations.  Anyone who wants to spend 20 years reading and trying out various methods of candle work to figure out what really works and what doesn't - well, after all that you would be able to do what I can do.  My only true advantage in performing candle work or doing readings is that I am psychic and my gift is hereditary, coming to me through my father from my great-great-grandmother who was a famous healer and reader in Michocan, Mexico.  His oldest sister also had the family gift and she used it mainly to perform house cleansings, a method she taught me.  Other than that, all my skills were learned.

This is why I don't make a big secret of my methods in performing candle work.  I figure if a person is motivated enough that they would like to learn in order to help themselves and perhaps others, then I'm all for it.  In fact, I recently sent a newsletter out to all my clients detailing exactly how I work with candles and shared my methods of cleansing and empowering candles for magical use as well as some tips on how to perform Prosperity, Love, and Banishing magic (which are the most common types of enchantments people order from me).  

I feel that if you have the desire to perform candle work for yourself then you ought to be empowered to do so.  There are a lot of books out there written for sheer profit.  They are sensational, and some contain highly inaccurate information.  It's difficult to sift through all that, I know.  I sifted through countless books over a 20-year period as I worked to increase my knowledge base.  

For 2010 I will be offering a new Service geared towards helping people just like yourself becoming more aware of their own innate spiritual gifts and if you're willing to learn, then you too can perform magic.  I will be offering a Wicca 101 course online.  During this class you will learn how to choose the pantheon of gods and goddesses with whom you wish to work (or, sometimes They choose you!), how to work with candles, oils, herbs, and the elements in order to perform candle magic for any desire you wish to manifest.  

Also, new for 2010 I will be offering my locally well-known Tarot 101.  This isn't just a "how to read tarot cards" class.  It's much more than that.  I've developed a personal system over the years that allows anyone to sum up the spiritual, mundane, and subconscious meaning of any card at a glance.  Of course, the method takes practice, but in time anyone can do this and you don't have to be psychic for my method to work for you.  Quite a large number of my students have gone on to become professional readers at shops, out of their homes, or through their own web sites.  At the end of this course not only will you be able to read the tarot cards, but if you wish, you can turn tarot card reading into a real money-making opportunity for yourself.  

I'm very free with my knowledge.  Clients email me all the time asking how to do this, that, or the other.  I don't mind sharing with you.  I will often provide you with book recommendations as well.  So if there is a topic you're interested in, but you're unsure of which direction to turn, email me and chances are good I've read at least a couple of books on that topic and I can steer you in the right direction.  There's a lot of useless dribble in bookstores these days and there's no point in you wasting your time and money on it when I've already done that for you.  Just ask me and I'm glad to help in any way I can.  


Practitioners and Their Scams:  Things to Beware!

I am NOT the type of practitioner who will tell you that ONLY I can help you with your problem.  I also will NEVER tell you that you have such negative energy around you that it will cost you $5,000 for me to remove it.  A lot of practitioners out there, both in their homes and on the Internet, use scare tactics to scam unsuspecting people out of their hard-earned money. I work for a living just like you do and I also value my money.  If someone ever tries this with you, or tells you that the outcome of their magic is GUARANTEED (something that no one can do since the Universe may know what you wish for isn't for your highest good or karma may be involved), then I suggest you stay away from them.  Also, if you've ever tried to get your money back when a spell didn't work for you from one of these practitioners who claim to offer a "100% money-back guarantee", how successful were you?  Not at all, I'm willing to bet! 

Let me give you an example from my own life.  When I turned 16 my mom, who was a very open-minded woman into Edgar Cayce, reincarnation, and loved to have her cards read, took me to see a "psychic" that some friend had recommended to her.  Mind you, I was only 16 at the time and this was my first reading ever.  The woman took me into a dimly lit room with a lot of curtains and red velvet and dangling beads.  She held my hands to pick up on my energy, then she had me hold a deck of cards and focus on my concerns.  She then dealt out the cards and proceeded to tell me I was surrounded by nothing but blackness, that I had such a curse on me that was placed on me when I was in my mother's womb by another woman who was jealous because she had been attracted to my father.  She went on to tell me that although my life may seem pretty good NOW, that in a year or two things were going to be very bad for me to the point that this curse could cause my DEATH!

Do you think I was scared?  I was only 16.  I was PETRIFIED OUT OF MY MIND over what she told me!!!  I thought I could be dead by the time I was 18!  She then told me in all sincerity that her gift came from God and that He gave her this gift so she could help others and do His work.  She then said that she was an expert at curse removal and for a tidy sum of $3,000 she could take this curse off of me and I'd live a happy life.  

I may have only been 16, but I sure wasn't stupid.  I had already given her my $20 and figured it was pointless to ask for it back.  I thanked her and told her I'd think about it.  As I left her room my mom was waiting, all excited to hear what this person had told me.  Instead, I burst her bubble by saying that the woman was a fake and that we needed to get home and that it was pointless for mom to have this woman read her cards.  We left and never went back.  We also shared our experience with all our like-minded friends so they wouldn't be taken in by this woman's obvious scam.  

People who are after your money will play upon your fears.  They realize that for someone to try a spiritual solution to a problem that they must have exhausted all mundane paths first.  Therefore, the problem has been in existence for a while and this person may be very desperate to find a way to fix or heal their situation.  Practitioners like that woman I saw are predators.  They prey upon people who have very serious and REAL issues they are hoping to find a way to resolve.  Such people don't care what happens to their client.  All they want to do is to collect the money, then they move on to the next client.  

Beware of anyone who tells you that you  have a curse upon you that ONLY they can remove.  It's hogwash!  Now, I may tell you at some point that you have a lot of negative energy around you and that I can do a banishing for you.  However, I don't do a "hard sell."  I will never tell you that you may have a long run of bad luck or that you may even die.  I'm not God.  I have no way of knowing that except in ONE exception and ONE exception ONLY:  in the case of a demonic attachment.  If I sense a demon around you or someone you love you can bet that I'm going to tell you.  I also offer a FLAT RATE for a demonic exorcism done through candle work and that is $300.  Not $3,000 or $5,000 like at other sites, but $300.  See below for a word on how I have determined my fees.  

I know you have a lot of options out there on the Internet and probably also in your own home town.  I don't claim to have a monopoly on the market or that I'm the only person who is gifted enough to help you.  I do not "own" my clients.  I will not pester you to order. Sure, I send out periodic newsletters with options to order, but I will NEVER contact you via email and say "OH, I had a dream about you and I saw a car crash ..." or something like that, which is another tactic that practitioners use in order to sucker their clients into placing another order.  Once you order from me if you don't order again, hey, that's fine!  If you leave and go to another practitioner, that's cool, too.  Not all people are going to merge well together.  I realize that.  It's very important to find a good fit between you and the practitioner you choose.  I know I am not your only choice out there, but I can tell you this.  I will NEVER cheat you, scare you into ordering anything, or pester you to place another order.  


A Word on my Prices

I get emails all the time from people who say that energy is free, it's throughout the universe and that I'll be damned for charging people for my services since my gift is God-given and God did not intend for me to make money off of a gift He gave me.  Well, I would like to think my gift is God-given.  I would also like to think He gave me this gift to help others.  However, God also realizes I need to buy my kid clothes, help out with the bills, and so on.  I can only do that if I bring money into my home via my business.  

You will find if you compare my prices to other practitioners out there that I am HIGHLY affordable.  There are people out there who have NO reputation WHATSOEVER who charge as much as $500 an hour for a reading!  I kid you not!  I have found these sites myself and I'm always surprised that anyone would pay that much.  I keep my prices affordable because I only charge what I need for financial compensation for what I do.  I do not make a "profit" on anything at my site. In fact, for many of my readings if they take longer than an hour to complete (and many do), then I am losing money doing that reading at the price I charge, but I will never contact a client to say, "This reading you ordered should only take me 30 minutes at the $40 price, but instead it's already taken me an hour so can you send me another $40?"  My clients pay ONLY the price as published on my site.  

The same applies to candle work.  For candle work the price includes financial compensation for the materials I've used (candles, oils, herbs, incense, crystals, and so on).  I am also compensated for my time and energy in the performance of your Enchantment as well as the time it takes to compile my Enchantment Reports and present you with my psychic interpretations of your candle remains.  That's it.  I do not charge for results.  A lot of practitioners do that and they are banking on the fact that you will believe if you're paying $200 for a spell instead of $75 at my site that you're going to be better results from the $200 spell.  That simply isn't true.  

The results any obtains from candle work derive from a number of avenues:  first, the Gods decide what is best for you.  They are all knowing and they will know if you what you desire truly would be for your highest good or will be detrimental to you in some way.  So they make the decision as to whether your wishes will manifest just as you hoped, or not.  Secondly, karma also plays a big part.  We come into each life to learn certain lessons and the best way the Universe has found to instruct most people is through obstacles and hardship. This is why karmic lessons are so difficult for us.  If you're in a bad situation, say, a failing marriage, and you contact me to try to send your marriage some healing energy, but it doesn't work - well, that probably means that the time has come to move on.  We can only do so much on our own.  It takes two to make a marriage work.  You contracted with that soul prior to your present life to spend time with them, to learn certain lessons together as a couple.  More often than not, when serious problems are encountered in a relationship it means that your time with that person may be coming to an end.  However, our best teachers are also our biggest problems.  In some cases you are karmically meant to experience those problems together.  I will tell you if I sense the enchantment wasn't successful and I will offer explanations as to why this possibly is the case.  Karma plays a role in all candle magic.  You are either meant to have something now, or perhaps later, or perhaps not at all.  The Gods see what is best for you and karma determines if you will obtain your wishes now, later, or in another lifetime.  This is why candle magic results can NEVER be guaranteed by ANYONE.  To do so, then that person would have to be God and you darn well know God isn't going to be posting a web site!  At least I haven't found His site yet, have you? If so, please send me the link!!!  

Prices for readings are based on time.  I have certain spreads I use for my Temple of Love Reading, my Tarot Annual Forecast, and my Past Life Karmic Tarot readings, for example.  I know roughly how long it will take me to put each of those readings together for a person, on average.  Now, some people can be difficult to read for and this occurs for any number of reasons that can range from them not really wanting to know the answer so they're afraid to me having had a bad day the day I'm doing their reading.  So some readings can run over the time I figured it would take to complete them.  When this happens I never contact a client to tell them their reading has run over and I need more money.  Instead, I will contact you to say it's taking me an extra amount of time to finish your reading so please be patient and I'll get your reading to you as soon as I can.  That's it.  I never charge extra.  I have flat rates for all my readings and I stick to them.  Period.  

There have never been, nor will there ever be, any hidden fees at my site.  Now, THAT is a GUARANTEE that I can unconditionally offer you.  


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