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TitleAnimals Divine, by Lisa Hunt

Publisher:  Llewellyn

Packaging:  Typical larger tarot box with 6 X 9" paperback book, 198 pp. with B&W card illustrations throughout.

Artistic Medium:  watercolor

Availability:  mass market.  Easily available via & elsewhere

Ease of Use:  somewhat difficult as pips are not easily discernable regarding suit or number.  However, the accompanying book, which is also written by the Artist, is very well written and easy to understand. With practice & use of the book the ease of using this deck would greatly increase.

This deck is positively gorgeous!!!!  I use it all the time when reading for myself and have given it away as gifts to friends over the years. Lisa is a truly gifted Artist.



                                                             3 of Cups                                        4 of Pentacles                             8 of Swords



                                                                The Chariot                                   6 of Wands                                      2 of Cups



        The Star: Kwan Yin             The Lovers: Brahma & Saraswati           High Priestess:  Bastet


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