Animals Divine Tarot


Lisa Hunt

(Llewellyn, 2005)


The Animals Divine is one of my personal all-time favorite decks, as are all of Lisa's work since she's also my favorite tarot artist.  Lisa's work is intricately sketched in pencil first, then she applies layers & layers of watercolor for rich, vibrant hues with a variety of interesting textures on each card.  Within a lot of Lisa's work you can see hidden faces in the trees, plants, and other aspects of the landscapes.  Her cards are a real treat to behold and a true joy to use in readings.

The Animals Divine is a good all-purpose tarot deck.  I have used this deck for years as my own personal deck and it has addressed questions pertaining to finances, relationships, children, home, work, and spiritual matters.  Some decks are suited for particular types of questions, but the Animals Divine doesn't seem to have any limitations.  Whatever your question or issue may be, the Animals Divine can address it.

Here are some sample images of this beautiful deck:

Examples from the Major Arcana:


                                        The High Priestess: Bast     Lovers: Brahma & Saraswati          Justice:  Ma'at                    Death:  Sedna


                                                                                The Tower:  Thunderbirds          The World:  Gaia


Examples from the suit of Wands:


                                                               Ace:  Dragonfly                     5:  Chameleon                         9:  Snake 


Examples from the suit of Cups:


                                                              Ace:  Dolphin                            3:  Polar Bear                        4:  Turtle


Examples from the suit of Swords:


                                                                     Ace: Duckling                        6:  Ibis                         Queen:  Athena


Examples from the suit of Pentacles:


                                                              Ace: Guinea Pig                          2:  Panda                              9:  Rabbit