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Through e-mail people often ask me what type of books do I recommend on various subjects.  I am very widely read and I have a vast library in my home of those books that are the best in their respective fields.  Below you will find various titles, arranged by topic, that I have read and recommend to others. 



Favorite Authors in the Wicca Field

Scott Cunningham (anything by him is good, especially for beginners, but Intermediates can also learn a thing or two)

Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner:  that was the first book on Wicca I've ever read, hence the greatest influence on me personally.  I highly recommend this book and I've used it with great success in my Introductory Wicca Course

Silver Ravenwolf: lately her books have gotten highly repetitive, but her older titles are seminal works in the field.  Her books are also published by Llewellyn.  Her best are the following:

To Ride a Silver Broomstick (basically a Wicca 101 course)

To Stir a Magic Cauldron (advanced Wicca)

Teen Magic (good for beginners, regardless of age)

Angels:  Our Companions in Magic (if you are interested in working with Angels, this book is the best of its kind)

Dorothy Morrison:  she is a very talented poet and her books are full of her own prayers and invocations that will sound beautiful for your own Spell Work.

"Everyday Magic".  That is published by Llewellyn (all of these are) and sells for $9.95 USD.  It's available everywhere.  It has a very good introductory section, all of which you find in "The Craft" but explained in fuller detail.  What is great about this little book is that it has Spells you can perform that are very easy for beginners and they are arranged alphabetically according to magickal need.  Also, Dorothy Morrison is a poet and wrote all the invocations, some of which are very beautiful, so it is a pleasure to work the majority of those Spells.  I've tried a good number of them and I always get very good results.  I think her beautiful poetry has a lot to do with that.

 "The Craft."  This book also has a companion blank journal in which you can note your own spells.  This is an excellent introductory text and I recommend it to my clients who are interested in learning more about Wicca.  It is clearly written, easily understood, and again, the invocations are Morrison's own poetry and they are quite lovely.

She also has "Everyday Moon Spells", which came out in January of 2004, and that one, although the same size and format as "Everyday Magic" sells for $12.95 USD.  It is arranged the same as "Everyday Magic", but focuses on the lunar phases and also the signs of the zodiac that the moon passes through and what signs are best for what type of magick.  It also seems to be very good and I'm halfway through reading that one.  She has a section on the uses of the Full Moon for each month as each has its own characteristics. 




Dorothy Morrison:

She has a deck, illustrated by Hanson-Roberts (the same Artist who did the Hanson-Roberts Tarot), entitled "The Whimsical Tarot."  It is a very interesting perspective on the Tarot as it looks to children's fairy tales as illustrations of the meanings of the cards.  Due to its tie-in with fairy tales this is a wonderful deck to use in order to introduce younger people to Tarot.  The colors are bright and vibrant and the illustrations are straight-forward enough that anyone familiar with the tale being illustrated will also be able to figure out the meaning of the card.

 "Everyday Tarot Spells" for those of us who use Tarot decks.  This book shows you how to incoporate the meanings of the cards into your Spell work.  Another book along this same vein, which I think is better, is:


"Tarot Spells" by  Janina Renee.  It is also a Llewellyn Publication and is very well written for beginners and you don't even have to know much about Tarot in order to use it.  It is illustrated using the Robin Wood Tarot, and I do recommend that particular deck to all beginners.  It is beautiful and the imagery is very easy to relate to.  Most of the time my clients know how their reading is going just by glancing down at the cards on the table.