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Psychic Protection Chant


Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D., R. M - T.

There are times when you may feel under threat, either from entities or another practitioner who may have malicious intent.  Here is a chant you can say while charging salt, herbs, oils, or candles for psychic protection.  Repeat the chant 3 times to charge salt, herbs, & oils, and repeat it 9 times to charge a candle.  Protection magick can be done at any time, but if the need is not too pressing, I prefer to do it during the waning moon since the intent is to keep danger away.  However, the best time to use this chant is any time you feel threatened or frightened.

Color Correspondences for Candles:

White:  all - purpose, also if you wish to invoke the protection of the Goddess or angels

Purple:  if you feel you may be under psychic attack or are in dire need of fast protection

Black:  use if you feel another practitioner is posing a threat to you or for evil entities


Herbal Correspondences:

Cloves (whole or crushed), garlic (fresh crushed or dried powdered), cinnamon (careful, this is an irritant for skin & eyes), salt (table or sea), dragon's blood (powdered), black pepper, rosemary (fresh or dried), red sandalwood (powdered), angelica root, solomon's seal root.


Oils and/or Incense:

Frankincense & myrrh, clove (be careful - it can burn your skin), peppermint (demons can't stand the smell), vetivert, sandalwood.


Best Days of the Week:

Saturday for banishing, Sunday for success, Monday if you suspect psychic attack, Tuesday for battle, Wednesday if your job or career is threatened, Thursday if finances are under threat, Friday if the threat is to a relationship, Saturday is good for any purpose where protection is needed.



Cleanse and charge your candles.  If you do not know how to do this, first visit my candle magic information page


And now it is the Dark of Moon

I ask the Gods to disallow danger to bloom.

I ask of You to send away all bane

And cause blessings upon me to rain.

Great Gods, please protect me & mine,

For now is the hour, now is the time.

Keep me, my home, & my family

In perfect & complete safety & harmony.

And as I will, so mote it be!

                                                                                                ~ Nefer Khepri Hemet


Say the chant 9 times while rubbing the candle from the wick towards the middle and from the base towards the middle.  You are placing your intentions into the candle.  Then light it and place it in a safe burner where it should ideally be allowed to continue burning until it goes out on its own.  Once the candle is out dispose of the wax and wash out the candle holder.  Know that spiritual protection surrounds you now.  Repeat as needed. 





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