I did this Sample Reading in the early part of January, 2013 for a client who initially asked about her work environment.  She was concerned about those around her being untrustworthy and not doing their share of the work.  I am not including that portion of the reading because it involves others and I do not have their permission to share.  The first part of the reading focused on interpreting the rows of cards, with 3 cards in each row.  The second part of the reading focuses on the client herself.  For that I read the 3 columns of 3 cards each, the 2 diagonals (3 cards each), the inner cross (5 cards), and the 4 corners (all this is described below).  This is the portion for which I have permission to share, so keep in mind the actual reading is 5 pages longer than what you see here.

This reading was for a 3X3 spread, which is a total of 9 cards laid out in a grid pattern with 3 cards per row and 3 cards per column.

The client's feedback follows her reading below.

First, the columns.  They read from left to right as Past, Present, and Future.


Your Past:  Clover + Stars + Sun

 This is an incredibly positive card combination to receive. 

Clover is “small” luck, so short lived opportunities have presented themselves to you.  These could be any type of opportunities ranging from things at work to going places with friends to new spirit guides entering your life, and so on.  It can be anything, but it’s new and it’s really, really nice considering the following cards!

Stars is success, intuition, creativity, so this is making me lean toward the direction of these opportunities being of a spiritual nature.  Perhaps you’re opening up more or maybe the energies that were brought in with the Great Shift on 12/21/12 have really done something great to you of which you have yet to feel the effects.  Your dreams may be more vivid than usual and your intuition may be at an all-time high.

Sun is great success, happiness, abundance, all things going YOUR way, especially when it follows Clover & Stars.  Seriously, there is NO BETTER CARD COMBINATION!! 

What I am receiving intuitively (traditionally it’s considered a major no-no to use intuition with Lenormand so if you get a Len reading from someone else they probably will not do what I’m about to do, which is break all the rules, but my background is Tarot where intuition rules) from this card combination is this:

In your very recent past – like the past 3 weeks or so, your energy has been shifted from the outside.  It was shifted by outside forces, so I’m thinking your angels, your spirit guides, maybe even a higher angel or ascended master, but someone has come in and they’ve shifted things around inside you and around you.  Changes have been made to your energy field, to your aura, and your chakras have been cleared of some blocks.  I see new energy coming in to you to remove old energies that no longer serve your higher purpose.

Evidence of this is to be found in the way you have been feeling.  When a Being of Light comes along to help us to grow by shifting our energy for us, we can feel certain things, which include the following:

·       Dizziness, especially upon getting up in the morning

·       Ringing or whining in the ears, or the sound of rushing wind

·       Tingling sensations in the extremities

·       Heat in the extremities

·       Hearing voices

·       Vivid dreams

·       More accurate intuitive feelings (like the phone rings & you know who it is before you look at the Caller ID)

·       Very soft touches, like feathers against your skin (that’s your angel brushing your aura if you ever feel that & they normally do this as we sleep)

All of these are “symptoms” of your energy having been shifted by an outside force, and for the better.  Now what will occur is that your vibration has been ever so slowly rising since this energy shift occurred.  As it does you may find your attitude changing. Things that used to upset you before may no longer upset you as much or at all.  You may have more of a tendency to let things slide along your back like water on a duck’s back instead of getting all worked up.  People who used to rub you the wrong way may no longer have that affect because you find now that you just don’t care.  You may have more patience.  You may be feeling an increased interest in spiritual or metaphysical matters to the point that you may want to start some serious study.

I am seeing hands around you and they have been pulling blocked energy out of your aura.  This is really bizarre.  I’m seeing an old-fashioned typewriter being pulled from your spine, specifically the lower lumbar region, so along the kidneys.  Why the heck would you have a typewriter there????  Have you had trouble writing in the past, maybe having a difficult time while in school writing term or research papers, and perhaps this created a great deal of stress for you that went to live in your lower back, but it is now being removed???  Otherwise, I can’t for the life of me figure out why you would have a typewriter in your spine. 

I’m seeing the hands also pulling gray clouds out of your aura.  These can be anything from old fears, old emotional wounds, feelings of unworthiness, and so on.  They are all being removed and the hands are moving so the process is still ongoing although most of the work has already been completed.

I think you can expect to experience a great deal of spiritual growth this year. How exciting for you!! 


Now, on to the Present, for which you received House + Clouds + Man:

In general, a male member of the family has had some serious difficulties recently that caused a great deal of worry.

House is your home. It can also represent your family, or if you have roommates, then the people with whom you live. 

Clouds is worry, confusion, miscommunication, misunderstandings.  This means that something troubling has just occurred.

Man is just that, a man.  Since I know you’re not married I would have to say this is either your father or an older male relative, like an older brother or an uncle or grandfather.  Considering what your dad just went through, this is your dad’s recent health issue.  His card comes up between Sun and Rider, both very positive, lots of movement into the future, so he’s going to come through just fine and be around for a good while yet.


Onward to your Future for which you received Stork + Book + Rider ~

The Stork always brings changes.  He can mean relocation, either of your home or your job.  The next card tells you what sort of changes you can expect.

Book represents secrets, knowledge, and education.  Have you been thinking of furthering your education?  Paired here with Stork, the change Stork talks about, according to Book, would be regarding your education.  Or maybe you’re considering some additional training so you can improve upon your skills in the workplace.  Something along those lines is indicated here.

Rider rides off out of your reading.  He indicates messages coming, various types of communication (with Book preceding this is most likely written communication as opposed to the phone).  He always brings news.  The problem here is that he concludes your reading so there are no additional cards to clue us in as to what type of news he may be bringing. 

However, there is another interpretation that sometimes pertains to Rider.  He can represent advancement in the workplace.  So, if you have been considering the possibility of additional education or training, Rider is telling you to go for it because this will lead to advancement for you – so a raise, promotion or a new job entirely. 


ROWS – already discussed regarding the work situation you asked about.

DIAGONALS I:  Clover + Clouds + Rider

The diagonals of the 3X3 provide you with extra information that may or may not have anything to do with the rest of your reading, but is information you need to know.

Clover is that card of short-lived opportunities.  Combined with Clouds, this means there is going to be some confusion on your part when these opportunities make themselves known.  It will most likely revolve around you being unsure whether to try for these opportunities or not. 

Rider is saying these opportunities will be coming very soon. Also, you may hear about them in writing first, so this may be a new position at your current place of employment opening up, or if you have been looking for a new job, perhaps a job announcement somewhere. 


DIAGONAL II:  Stork + Clouds + Sun

Stork represents changes occurring, Clouds indicates these changes will cause some confusion, but Sun is telling you everything will work out great in the end.  So don’t worry about it, although when these changes begin to unfold you may indeed be worried, don’t be. Sun is great success, happiness, freedom, contentment, so all will work out to your best benefit.


INNER CROSS:  Cards 2, 4, 5, 6, & 8:  this tells you what is going on behind the scenes.

You received House + Stars + Clouds + Book + Man

This information revolves around your home and/or family (House).

Stars indicates good energies in and around your home, positive influences, peace and harmony.  This is your current home, not where your parents live.

Clouds is the confusion and worry about your dad’s illness.  That’s come up before.

Book is secrets and the closed end (spine) of the book is towards Clouds.  This card is often read directional when being read from left to right.  The closed spine indicates secrets, while the other side of the book in many decks is depicted as being opened and indicates knowledge will be revealed.  Be careful. I feel that your family may be keeping some aspect of your dad’s recent health issue a secret, or he may not want all family members to know about it, or maybe about something else that’s unrelated to his health, but I see him (and those nearest him) keeping a secret.

Man concludes your reading, and this is what tells me he’s the keeper of the secret to which Book refers. 


And now, the 4 Corners, which give you 2 additional card combinations to contemplate:

 Clover + Rider:  Small luck or opportunities being brought to you (Rider), and keep an eye on the written word as these will most likely occur in that form rather than by phone or word of mouth. 

Stork + Sun:  Storks bring changes. What type of changes is represented by Sun – VERY good changes that result in happiness, joy, advancement.

Take all four of these cards together:  Clover + Rider + Stork + Sun, and what I’m seeing here is opportunities are quickly approaching that will result in various changes in your life that will make you very, very happy and lead to much bigger & better things for you.

What a lovely way to end your reading J


Client Feedback

The day after I sent A. her reading, I heard back from her and this is what she had to say:

OMG!! Thank you sooo much for your reading.  I cried towards the end when I read the stuff about me. I'm very happy with my reading and it validated alot of what I've been thinking or praying about. I laughed about the typewriter part. I have a hard time writing anything especially reports or research papers or anything like that. Writing in general kind of freaks me out. Argh! But you on the other hand are a great writer!! :D


Ok I started to cry bc I have been praying to God and asking him and my guardians, angels, guides, or ascended masters... Lol I know it's alot, but I just kind of clump them together to form "my team" (that has been approved by God, of course) to help me to increase my frequency and to help me be closer to God and be on my Highest soul path.  I've asked Archangel Metatron to help clear, open, and balance my chakras and have been asking AA Sandolphon to help me be open to receive all of Gods great gifts and blessings. Shoot, I've been asking pretty much everyone in the angelic realm to help me with everything and ive also been trying to contact my spirit guides. I haven't been able to recall any dreams, but I'm hoping to receive the guidance from them in a way that I can easily understand. I've been seeing double/ repeating numbers lately too. Not sure if its bc I'm always checking the clock (or checking anything with numbers on it) or what. 

Sometimes I would hear ringing in my ears n tingling sensations. And now that I think of it, I want to say that I felt something soft brush against my hand the other day. I looked when I felt it, but I don't remember seeing anything that could have caused it. I just brushed it off like it was my imagination. 

And I'm really glad to hear that dad will be around for a good while. I was really concerned about him. Can't thank y'all enough for the prayers seriously.thank you and everyone in your groups!

I seriously need some direction with my job. Just feels like I have no motivation or drive. I don't like it very much. Ecckk 😖 and most of the ppl there are annoying... Well maybe it's just a little more than a handful of ppl, but it makes it seem like The whole place is full of them. Ughhh 😔

Also I'm not sure what kind of secret my dad and the rest of my family are keeping. I wonder what they would be hiding. So not cool if everyone knows but me!!  I know they've hid the fact that he was previously hospitalized before this episode bc they didn't want to "stress me out" bc they know tht I'm already stressed at work. Told them not to do it again and to always tell me what's going on at home. 

At any rate, I'm very happy with the reading.  I'm looking forward to all the exciting things to come. Just want all good things to come my way.  Thanks again!! ~ A.

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