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Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D,. R. M-T.

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 Where it came from doesn't matter.  What exactly it is isn't important.  What matters is something negative was done and now the atmosphere of your home or place of business is not what it used to be.

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately felt that it had an oppressive or "heavy" feeling atmosphere to it?  Has visiting certain places made you feel depressed, frightened, or upset in any way and you cannot find a logical explanation for your feelings?  Have you and your Loved One or other family members ever entered a place and for some reason you all start arguing for no good reason?  Is there a certain  house in your neighborhood that seems to be unable to keep a family living there for long?  Have you ever seen dark shadows out of the corner of your eye only to suddenly turn to face them and find nothing there?  Have you ever heard a family member calling you from one end of the house when they were at the other end (or not even home at all?)?  Have you ever seen objects move?  Ever hear doors, cabinets, or drawers inexplicably slam shut?  Have you ever heard the sound of shattering glass, have run to see what fell and broke only to find nothing there at all?  Have you ever seen any strange animals (like large black dogs or large black cats) hanging around your property or in the neighborhood?  Does your phone ring often and when you go to answer no one is ever on the line?  Do lights inexplicably turn on and off and no electrical problem has ever been determined?

If you can answer "yes" to just ONE of these  questions, then you've just passed the test that psychic investigators use to determine if there is a negative energy in your home.  By "negative" I don't necessarily mean "evil," although it can be that.  By "negative" I am indicating something that is undesired, unwanted, and that has or can cause chaos in your life.  Such energy needs to be cleansed out and this article will teach you exactly how to undertake your own house cleansing.

Spiritual house cleansings were a big part of my business. I have cleansed homes of general negative energy left behind by arguments and extremely sad or emotionally charged times.  I have cleansed homes of restless spirits. I have even cleansed two homes of demonic presences. 

When done with the right intention you too can cleanse ANYTHING out of your home or place of business.  All you need to do is go into the situation believing that you ARE protected by Divine Energies and that YOU have the POWER to rid your home or business of whatever is there that is causing bad feelings or problems.  The important thing is the have faith and never show any fear.  

Often, if you go to a practitioner they will tell you to cleanse a home you sprinkle salt.  Salt acts as a protective barrier to keep negative energy OUT, however ... should there be anything negative IN your home already the salt will serve to keep it in, which is the LAST thing you want, so don't use any salt ~ not at first, anyway.  Salt comes later once your cleansing has been completed and the atmosphere feels better to you.

Materials are very basic and are easy to come by.  Also included is a recipe to make your own Blessing Water to be used for the cleansing (please see below).



For house cleansing I would recommend getting incense sticks in a frankincense and myrrh blend.  Evil things (should there be any present) hate that smell.  Frankincense and Myrrh were given to the Christ Child as gifts by the Three Magi because as magicians & astrologers they knew that Jesus would be forever challenged by the dark side so he would need strong tools to fight back.  The Catholic Church has at least since medieval times used frankincense and myrrh to cleanse the church building prior to each Mass.  Frankincense and myrrh was used by the ancient Egyptians as it is sacred to the Egyptian Gods.  The scent combination of frankincense and myrrh has at least a 5,000 year-old history of being used to cleanse and fight negative energy.  So when you use it in your home for the same purpose you draw upon the positive Energy of all that has gone on before you when frankincense and myrrh have been used. 

For a general cleansing - meaning you have no obvious problems or weird feelings in the house - you can walk through the rooms with your incense stick once a month.  Fridays or Saturdays are the best days of the week for spiritual cleansing.  


Prior to beginning open a window in each room of the house.  Open all cabinet doors, all closet doors, and all desk and dresser drawers.  This will give the negative energy a chance to get out once the cleansing commences and will also remove all of its hiding places.  Don't forget to open your microwave and oven doors, too!  

Take the stick of incense and begin at your front door or whatever door you use as the main entrance for family members.  In my case, this would be my garage door.  Beginning on the right-hand side of the door begin to wave the incense and begin with the Prayer to St. Michael (see below).  St. Michael the Archangel is the one responsible for driving out satan (I intentionally do not capitalize his name) after his and his soon-to-be fallen angels rebelled against God.  St. Michael is extremely powerful, protective, and he can overcome ANY kind of negative energy or entity.  I call upon him for all my cleansings and have the utmost faith in him. 

You need to begin your cleansing on the right and imagine the room you're in as the face of a clock, even though the room will not be round.  Mentally superimpose the shape of a circle over the entire room.  Walk consistently to the RIGHT as you walk the circumference of the room, or as close to the walls as you can get.  Walk in a counterclockwise direction.  This is of critical importance.  Walking counterclockwise is the direction used in order to drive negative energy out.  In magick stirring counterclockwise or lighting candles in a counterclockwise formation is the method used for banishing or sending undesired energy away.  So remember to consistently walk counterclockwise and start on the right-hand side of the house.  Walk the perimeter of each room counterclockwise as you wave the incense stick and repeat the prayer to St. Michael at least three times per room.  Be sure to wave the incense around the walls of the closets, too, and under beds and other large pieces of furniture.  

When done with the first room exit the SAME way you entered, even if the room has 2 doors.  Then continue the cleansing with the next room and remember to consistently move counterclockwise in each room and overall  through your home you will be moving from room to room in a counterclockwise manner.  When finished you end at the door at which you started.  Open the door and say, "In the Name of (Jesus Christ, Isis, Whomever you see as your Higher Power), I command that all negative energy and all evil be gone from this house as I welcome in White Light and Blessings from Above.  And as my will, so mote it be!"  Then your cleansing is complete.

As you walk through your home with it making sure to wave the incense stick in all rooms, closets,  make the sign of the 5-pointed star over each window and exterior doorway.  The 5-pointed star was a sacred Symbol given to King Solomon by the Archangel Raphael.  It is a powerful symbol of Protection and is often used in cleansings and banishings.  To make the 5-pointed star draw it in this manner for a cleansing only:

Lower left-hand corner to top of star, down to lower right-hand corner, up and over to upper left-hand corner, straight across to upper right-hand corner, and back down to lower left-hand corner.




                        4                              5


                              1               3


Like so.  That is the sign of the banishing pentagram and it will serve to start putting this energy on notice that it is going to have to find a new place to hang out.  This should also help to alleviate your current problems.



Should you be feeling a negative energy in your home or your household suffers from any of the symptoms that began this article, then you will want to double your efforts to cleanse the energy out and I suggest you use my Magickal Musings Cleansing Spirits mixture.  This can be made in a number of ways and the method you use will be dictated by the raw materials you have available in your area.

The ORANGE WATER mixture is very easy and all you need is access to 7 fresh oranges and spring or filtered water.  Never use water from the sink or tap as that has pollutants in it, no matter what we're told.  That water is not suitable for house cleansings or blessings.

Here is the recipe for ORANGE WATER:

Materials:  Spring Water (enough to sprinkle in and around your entire home)

The Rinds of 7 oranges


Timing:  Any time you feel the need, but best done on Fridays and Saturdays or any day during the Waning Moon cycle (from Full to the day before the New Moon).


Repetition:  As often as needed, until the atmosphere of your home or business feels better to you.


Soak the rinds in the water overnight and keep it in the refrigerator. 


The next day when you are ready to perform your cleansing, take it out and hold both hands over the water with your palms facing downward and say the following:


"Orange and Water by casting Thee,

Allow no spook nor spirit to stay

Not night nor during the day.

Let no spell nor unknown purpose be,

Except in true accord with me,

And as my Will so mote it be."


Say that 9 times as you hold your palms over the water and imagine Energy entering through the top of your head and entering the water through your hands. That prayer was written by Al G. Manning and can be found in his book, Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft.  This was the first book I ever read on witchcraft and it helped me tremendously.  I highly recommend it. 


You need to begin sprinkling  the water beginning at your front door and move counterclockwise around the perimeter of your home.  Then start again at the front door and move counterclockwise through that room and counterclockwise through each room, remembering to sprinkle the closets and cupboards too, anywhere evil can hide.  Be sure to sprinkle under the beds and up in the corners of the rooms at the ceiling level. That is a prime place where negative energy likes to hide.


You may wish to put your mixture into a spray bottle.  That's a lot easier than flicking the water around with your fingers.  Do be careful of your furniture.  Orange is a bit corrosive and can probably harm antiques and other fine furniture. Just a few drops are fine.  You don't need to soak the walls.  I usually will spray a bit along the floorboards and then up into the corners of the ceiling.  Negative energy likes to congregate in corners up high where it can remain unnoticed. 


When done, dump any remaining water and orange peels on the ground outside and give thanks.





You may wish to add a drop or rose oil to the mixture.  Be sure if using any oils that you stir very well as oil and water do not mix.


Other oils that are good for cleansings include:  

    * frankincense & myrrh

    * sandalwood

    * jasmine




In addition to the above or on its own with the orange rinds you may want to add 3 whole bay leaves.  Bay is a strong cleanser and purifier and has been used in cleansing and banishing magick for centuries.



Magickal-Musings' Super-Strength Cleansing and Blessing Spirits  


This is the same mixture I use in my own home.  Due to the nature of my work I have to do house cleansings on a weekly basis.  Over the years I have perfected a mixture that I use and I am sharing it with the world for the first time.  You will need to procure the following items.   They can be easily found in a Hispanic shop around here (Texas).  In your area you may have to hunt for them.  They are also available on the Internet at such sites as Whispered Prayers.  


The items you will need are as follows:

Florida Water

Orange Water (you can either purchase this or make it on your own, I suggest making it as it will be more powerful)

Rose Water

Obtain a brand new spray bottle from Wal-Mart or wherever, but it must be NEW and never have held any other liquid, so please don't think you can recycle something.

Make a mixture in the following proportions: these waters are available via the internet if you can't find them locally:

3 Parts Florida Water

2 Parts Orange Water

1 Part Rose Water

The "part" is based upon whatever unit of measurement you want to use.  Base that on how big your spray bottle is.  You can always store the extra in a dark dry place and if capped tightly so the alcohol doesn't evaporate this mix will keep indefinitely.

 Say the Prayer to St. Michael while holding the mixture in the spray bottle.  Say a Novena (repeat 9 times) and ask him to cleanse your home.  Follow his prayer with the Orange Blessing, as noted here:

St. Michael the Archangel,
Defend us in our battles
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil,
May God rebuke him, we pray.
And do Thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell satan and all evil forces 
who wander the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.


Repeat that prayer 9 times while holding your hands palms downward over your mixture.  Imagine positive energy entering you from the top of your head and moving down through your body to your hands and out into the water.  You are becoming a Channel for the Universal Life Force when you do this.

Next, say the Orange Water Blessing, also repeat 9 times with your palms facing downward over the water and you direct positive energy into your mixture:

"Orange and Water by casting Thee,

Allow no spook nor spirit to stay

Not night nor during the day.

Let no spell nor unknown purpose be,

Except in true accord with me,

And as my Will so mote it be."


Then starting at the front door begin spraying the floorboards (including of the closets) and the upper corners of each room (and closet).  This is where negative energy likes to hide.  Do this in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE direction in each room and also moving throughout your house in a counterclockwise direction.  To do so, just be sure you are constantly moving toward your right.  That's the easy way to be sure you're always moving counterclockwise no matter what room or part of the house you're cleansing.  

Remember to open a window in each room and open all closets, drawers, and cabinets.  Don't forget your kitchen appliances.

 As you spray the mixture keep repeating the prayer to Michael and you may want to add, "In the Name of Jesus Christ (or whatever aspect of Divinity you are most comfortable with) I demand  that all negative energy depart."  This will then leave the good in place as you're not telling that to leave.


Once the Negative Energy is Gone, Now What? 

This is very important.  Whenever you perform a spiritual cleaning once the negativity is gone you have created a vacuum.  There is an empty space where the negativity was once located.  If you just leave it alone then any kind of energy floating around will take up residence there and you may end up in a worse situation than before.  In order to avoid this, once your cleansing is done you may go back with whatever remaining blessing water you have, or use a fresh stick of incense.  What you will now do is a  House Blessing.

This is much easier than a cleansing.  You go through each room in a clockwise direction, so now you're moving constantly to your left and you also move through your entire home room to room going constantly to the left until you end up where you began.  Simply wave the incense around or sprinkle a bit of the blessing water and ask St. Michael to come with the heavenly host and fill your home with positive blessings.  You can, and should, ask for specific things.  What I normally ask for are:  good health, happiness, peace & harmony, spiritual protection, love, and prosperity.  Your list may be different, and that's fine.  When you ask for specific blessings you're not only blessing your home but you are bringing in very particular energies that will help your desires manifest. 

That's it.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I hope this article has helped.


Em Hotep (In Peace),

Nefer Khepri Hemet




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