Having Faith


Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D, R. M-T.


You may be wondering why I have a picture of the three principle members of Duran Duran up there (from left to right:  John Taylor, Simon Le Bon, and Nick Rhodes).  Not only that, but what do faith and Duran Duran have in common?   This is just one example from my life for which the Universe answered a prayer in the most unexpected way imaginable.  In fact, I'd have to say as far as surprising methods of answering my prayers go, this would have to be Number 1.  Read on to find out why.

When we are having difficult times and we're searching for help through prayer, the only way we're going to find out how the energy is directing itself is to sit back and wait.  I know that's difficult.  No one likes to wait on anything.  We live in a society of instant gratification and we've lost the ability to be patient and wait on things.  I'm not a patient person and it's very difficult for me to throw up my hands and say, "Okay, God, I realize I have no real control in this matter, that control is only an illusion of the Ego-Mind, so please take over and fix this for me!"  The Universe always does in His/Her own way and in His/Her own time, but I can honestly tell you that He/She has NEVER failed me.  Even when there were times that I thought He/She had turned his/her back on me, in a roundabout way my prayers were answered. 

A good example is a recent prayer I sent up with a lot of crying.  I was super upset one day over my dad's mental and emotional deterioration and the hell my mother was put through when she was sick and dying.  My dad had Parkinson's Disease and that resulted in dementia.  My mom had died 7 months previously from 2 consecutive blood infections.  I got angry at the gods & the universe for the first time ever and these are not the type of deities you can trifle with because they will fight back.  However, in Their Infinite Wisdom They realized I wasn't yelling at them from a place of anger, but from a place of extreme hurt, even feeling betrayed.  My parents lived excellent lives.  They were awesome people, everyone loved them, they never refused to help anyone even when they had nothing.  My mom donated to EVERY charity that wrote or called her, even if it was just $2 a month, she always gave even when my parents had nothing to really give and were deep in debt.  My dad would give anyone who asked him the shirt off his back.  He was always the one everyone came to when they needed real help and they knew Bob would never turn them away, and he never did.  I never heard him say "no" to anyone in my entire life.  I was tremendously blessed with parents who always put me first, no matter what.  It helped that I was an only child, I know, but had they had 10 kids, I really believe they would have treated each child as if they were an only child, giving them all they had to give.  

So I got all upset wondering why my parents had been, and were being, put through all this hell and suffering when they clearly didn't deserve it.  I had told myself for a long time that my mom chose to pay off all her karma so she never would have to come back.  I still believe that, especially since 20 years ago she told me that's what she had planned all along so she warned me her death would not be an easy one and she would probably linger and she apologized ahead of time for the hell that would put me through.  Then it did happen.  As for Dad, he's always struck me as a very young soul so I don't see how he could have accumulated so much negative karma, but maybe in his previous lifetime he murdered or whatever.  In any event, I was extremely upset and I was yelling and screaming and crying.  I told the gods that I did not want to feel that way EVER EVER again and I demanded that they give me an immediate and spontaneous emotional healing for myself.  I DEMANDED.  I did not ask.  I told them that they either give me this massive healing or I'd turn my back on them and find someone else who gave a shit.  I told them to either pay up, or get lost and stop wasting my time because I'd realize that religion and spirituality were both a sham and I'd move on with my life.  I was incredibly angry and hurt, more so than I have ever been and I've had some horrible times in my life.

So that tirade was sent up to them and then I tried to let it go.  I was honestly afraid of what might happen.  You don't make demands of the gods and you certainly don't threaten them with anything.  I was afraid I might be struck by lightning or something even worse.  I waited for my healing to come.  Nothing happened.  I became more hurt, but was working hard to release my anger and my resentment since I realized the situation was beyond my control so I had to work hard not to get so overwhelmed by something I could not change or improve.  Plus, I had to be fully present for my daughter, which was pretty much just another source of stress for me at the time.  I felt I had burned my candles at both ends and was finally out of wax. 

We never know how a prayer will be answered.  We think we know because we know what we desire to happen so we come up with scenarios that would help our wishes to manifest.  I asked to be emotionally healed and I also wanted to go back to feeling the way I did before all this crap started to happen.  When I look back on it, in a way I wanted to turn back the clock.   This doesn't mean I wanted to bring Mom back from the dead.  In regards to my own self I wanted to feel like I did when I was younger before my life became so full of cares and concerns that I stopped having fun.  I didn't realize this, but living for me was no longer fun.  Every single day brought along new challenges or old problems/issues that refused to go away.  I kept plugging along because it's what everyone, including myself, expected of me.

Then one night I was sitting here taking care of email and this voice popped into my head with the oddest thing, with something I hadn't given any thought to at all in around 15 years - why not google Duran Duran and see if they've been up to anything.  I remember sitting here, I was in the middle of an email to a friend and client.  We visit once in a while.  I had just gone to see her and as always she had made my daughter and I a fabulous lunch.  I was writing her a thank you when this crazy thought entered my head.  I remember thinking, "but they broke up, right?"  I wasn't even aware they had gotten back to together (several times!).  I kept writing the email figuring googling them was a waste of my time since I figured they weren't up to anything.  But the voice was persistent and wouldn't shut up so before I logged off I did google them and was shocked to see they were not only together, but touring and about to come to my city!  This same voice then said, "why not get tickets?"  Yeah, why not?  I had seen Duran Duran "back in the day" on February 23, 1984 at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, Illinois.  I just checked my ticket stub to confirm the date.  They had put on an awesome show despite all the screaming and I figured if nothing else it would be great to hear hits like "Rio" and "Hungry Like the Wolf" live once more.  

I went to Ticketmaster's web site and tried to get tickets.  Nothing decent came up so I figured the best seats were sold out.  Then, that same voice told me, "keep trying."  So I did.  I went about my business, but would pop back to the site every few minutes to try again.  Still, nothing happened.  Right before dinner two seats in Row T of the main floor showed up.  I thought it was okay, 20th row, but I wondered if I could do better. I tried like 10 times and every time I got the SAME 2 SEATS although seats in the balcony were also available.  I figured the show was about to be a total sell out so I got them.  

When my husband and I arrived at the concert we were told there's no Row T in existence, a glitch at Ticketmaster.  It's house policy if there is a problem with your seats - no matter the venue - that they must give you better seats than what you had.  A guard came out and said, follow me, as he held up 2 tickets.  As we walked down the side aisle of the main floor we passed up the blank row where Row T obviously once sat.  We kept going towards the stage.  Row P. Row L.  Row H, and by now I was grabbing my husband's arm in total excitement as the stage loomed ever larger.  

Finally, the guard stopped, handed me the tickets and pointed down the row - Row D!  Our seats were up in the 4th row!!  And they were CENTER!!  It was then that I saw the Hands of the Gods at work and I wondered why in the world would They be so interested in getting me freakin' awesome seats to see Duran Duran?  Sure, I had loved them dearly, but I was in my early 20s when they were in their prime.  I had outgrown them, or so I thought.  I actually sat there throughout the rest of the opening act's set and then the wait period just wondering what was going on, why get me 4th row seats, and I figured it was basically a major pat on the back, as in "you've been through a lot of shit, so here you go, enjoy!" 

Now I know you're thinking "oh, here is Nefer going on and on and on about some stupid Duran Duran concert," but there's a good reason.  I got into it right away and was the only person within about a 5 person radius all around me (well, I didn't look behind me, to be honest) who was jumping up and down screaming.  Both John Taylor (bassist) and Simon le Bon (lead singer) saw me, which was totally thrilling all on it's own.  The opening song was off their new CD so I didn't even know it, having just heard it twice, but that didn't stop me from acting a total fool and enjoying it.  They did "Planet Earth" as the second song and I really lost it then.  I just love that song.  Anyway, the concert goes on and I'm having a blast and by song 3 ("Hungry like the Wolf") the people sitting around me had all finally decided to follow my lead and have some FUN.  Even my banker husband was dancing the entire time after the 1st song.  I think I shocked him because he was staring at me for the first song not even looking at the stage.  He's never heard me scream, you see, at least not hysterical like that. Scream AT him, sure, which is totally different.  

About halfway through they did "(Reach Up For) The Sunrise" and there is this line in the song at the end of the first verse and you know how when a person goes crazy they say that their mind "just snapped?"  "He just snapped and went postal .." or whatever?  Well, I can tell you I FELT the snap.  It happened during one line of that song and then the rest of it I just soaked up all the awesome energy and I was completely healed on the spot. I felt 21 again like when I saw them in '84 and that feeling has not left me.  The pivotal point for me was this:

Now the time has come
The music's between us
Though the night seems young
Is at an end
Only change will bring
You out of the darkness
In this moment everything is born again

Reach up for the sunrise
Put your hands into the big sky
You can touch the sunrise
Feel the new day enter your life

It was like WOW!  I can't even describe it.  Someone had finally thrown THE switch and suddenly there I was completely free of everything that had been haunting me and holding me back.  I remember turning to Stuart and screaming, "I'm born again!"  He laughed, but I meant it.  All I know is that was the moment I was healed.  The Gods had answered my prayers, but they had used a Duran Duran concert to do that.  Also, when Simon sang those lyrics he looked RIGHT AT ME, and I mean, even Stuart said afterwards when I brought up that song and what it did for me, "Well, yeah, if someone I've had a crush on for 25 years looked right at me it would have a big impact on me, too."  So it wasn't just me. 

So you see, we can never know what the Gods or the Universe will do or how They will do it.  All we can know for sure is that They WILL do it, but in Their own time and in Their own way, and sometimes it's in a totally crazy manner that you least suspect - like a Duran Duran concert.  If I had decided to ignore that voice and never google Duran Duran we never would have gone to that concert and I would most likely still be suffering.  But now I'm free and I really do feel that I've been born again.  Now that I feel I'm 21 again I just wish my physical body would go along for the ride.  If that would happen then it would be perfect! 

My whole point here is don't lose faith.  The Gods know what is best for us at all times even if we think we know better.  They will answer your prayers.  The hard part for us is this happens not according to our time frame or even how we've visualized it will get done, but by Their time frame and according to Their methods, which are often something we never even contemplated, even in our wildest dreams. 

Have faith.  Better times will come!

Em Hotep (In Peace),

Nefer Khepri Hemet


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