Your Tarot Annual Forecast

Tarot Reading on Love, Money, Job, Family, with guidance and affirmations

Discover Today What the Year Ahead Holds in Store for You!

Can be done any day of the year

image from "Messages of Light" cards by A. Douet

"I got my Tarot Annual Forecast from Nefer 4 months ago.  So far, for each month, several things have already occurred that she predicted.  This is the BEST tarot reading I've gotten from anyone!  I can't wait for next year to order another one."  ~  N. G., Dusseldorf, Germany.

"Wow, what an awesome reading.  So far two things you told me for this month have already occurred.  I'm impressed!"  ~ R. L., Coral Springs, FL., USA.

Tarot Readings can be applied to many situations.  If you want a thorough Tarot Reading, but aren't sure what to ask, this is the perfect Reading for you.  Wouldn't it be nice to get a general overview of what to expect each month so that things did not catch you off guard and unprepared?  Now it is possible with my Tarot Annual Forecast.

Each Tarot Annual Forecast covers an entire calendar year based upon the date I perform the Tarot Reading.  This type of Tarot Reading can be done on any day of the year.  For example, if I do your Tarot Reading for you on June 18, 2009, then it will cover June 18, 2006 through June 18, 2010.

Based upon your full name at birth, date of birth, and city/state/country of residence, I provide you with an overview of major trends to expect for an entire year.  Each month is discussed in detail regarding the following Life Areas:

Along with a Tarot Reading for each month of an entire year, you will receive a Personalized Positive Affirmation written specifically for your use to improve your Life and to help you Manifest your Desires into Reality!   You can use that Affirmation throughout the specific month to which it applies in order to increase the positive energy in your life.

Concise and highly detailed, your Tarot Annual Forecast Reading comes to your e-mail box as an attached Rich Text Format file, viewable with any word processing program.  Your Tarot Annual Forecast Reading can run anywhere from 15 to 25 pages.

 Due to the length of time required and the complexity of this method of Tarot Reading, please allow for 10 - 12 business days for delivery, excluding weekends and American holidays.  Thank you.

When ordering your Tarot Annual Forecast Reading, please e-mail me with the following required information:

Please include the same information for your Significant Other.

Thank you!

Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph. D., R. M-T.



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